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Jul 3, 2018, 03:21 PM
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Angry ACTA

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a multinational treaty for the purpose of establishing international standards for intellectual property rights enforcement. The agreement aims to establish an international legal framework for targeting counterfeit goods, generic medicines and copyright infringement on the Internet, and would create a new governing body outside existing forums, such as the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the United Nations.European Union in 2012 rejected it.In 2018(this year)worldwide discussion about ACTA was revived if majority(perhaps it won't affect United Kingdom because of Brexit)(probably ACTA might succeed soon at this time) of european lawmakers votes will be positive this bill will be passed by European Parliament.In the new EU document, the most controversial issues arise from the provisions of two articles of the directives art.11 and art. 13. The first of them concerns the rights of related publishers, whose aim is to protect the workload incurred by the author, while the second is to filter and moderate content by the authors of websites.I hope it will never spread outside countries of European Union because it's disturbing to me.

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