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Bug: Blank edit pane when editing or previewing post on Firefox

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Jun 16, 2020, 04:28 AM
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Bug: Blank edit pane when editing or previewing post on Firefox


I've had this a few times over the years, as I recall, but previously I could fix it by switching the edit mode in my User CP, but it seems I can't do this anymore; looks like edit mode is only changeable while in the edit page, at which point it's too late.

In any case, when I write a post, or edit a post, if I "Preview post" or click the edit button on a post I've made, the edit pane is blanked out, and if I try to "Preview post" or make the post/edit, it acts as if it is really blank, even though if I do this from "Previewing" or making a post, the preview displays fine, and the posts can be made fine... But even though the preview shows fine, the edit pane is blank, so I can't make the post I'm previewing...

This only seems to happen in Firefox.

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