During Christmas 2002, I hosted a tileset contest with a few interresting rules to prevent it from being 'just another tileset contest'. Quite a few people were interested, and I ended up getting a lot of good entries. There was a choice between three different options for the tilesets, more information is listed below:

Tileset Options
You can have any amount of colours and can do whatever they want to the Jazz palette, but can only use 40 tiles.
Empty tiles are counted aswell, if JCS says its 40 tiles even if only 30 were used then it's a 40 tile tileset. This does mean that effectively you only get 39 tiles to use.
People who use less won't get bonus points, use as many tiles as you can!

You're can ONLY use 16 colours. However, the Jazz palette will still be included in your tileset, but you're not allowed to use them or change other colours to fit their entries. The 16 colours you want to use should be placed in another location in the palette.
If for any reason you do want to use some of the colours in the Jazz 2 palette, add them at the location of your 16 colours. The transparent colours in JJ2 (pure black and the blue) do NOT count as one of your 16 colours.
The advantage, however, is that you can use 80 tiles instead of the 40 tiles available in Option 1.

Same restrictions as Option 2 (16 colours and 80 tiles) but with the following change:
The Jazz palette must be edited to only use 16 colours (excluding the transparent colours) and NO OTHER palette outside of the edited Jazz palette entries may be used. This option because some people prefer using custom sprite colours.

Option 2 and 3 will be regarded as one option because there is almost no difference between the two.

Along with these options there were also some general rules on all the options, these were included to make sure that all the entries have all the basic tiles needed for a tileset, and to make sure there wasn't any way the incredibly small tile limit could be avoided.

Rules for all Options
  1. Your tileset must include the following tiles:
    • Vine
    • Hook
    • Poles
    • Sucker Tubes
    • Destruct Block/s
    • Arrows
    • Text sign
    • Exit sign
    • Background Layer eye candy
    The background layer eye candy can be anything. As long as the tileset isn't layer 4 only.
  2. You can't save space by making one side of tiles and flip them in JCS.

  3. You can't have multiple entries. You must choose between option 1 and 2, can't choose both.

  4. FINAL Deadline is 24th December 2002, Winner will be announced on Christmas day (the day after deadline).

  5. You're welcome to include an example level or music or anything else, but these wont be rated.

  6. If you send your entry before the deadline and want to change something, you are welcome to resend the tileset.

  7. Don't ask me to comment on a tileset before the deadline, because I won't, guaranteed.

  8. If for any reason you do not meet the restrictions (say for example you accidently used 17 colours instead of 16) for one of the options then I will notify you and give you a chance to resend a version that does meet the restrictions. This does not apply if the tileset was sent on the final deadline, It wont give me time to send it back.


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