Here are a few links related to Jazz Jackrabbit 2, tileset making, or myself. Some of it is useful, some of it is just there for a laugh

Link: Comment:
Jazz 2 Online The home of everything Jazz 2 related. This website has everything. News, downloads, forums, articles and loads more!
Jasc Software The website of the company that made the Paint Shop Pro series. If you havent got Paint Shop pro already, I suggest you head over there right away and download a demo!
Palette Suite The greatest palette editing program I've come across, and it's made by Toxic Bunny from our very own Jazz 2 community! This is a must download if you plan on making tilesets.
My Junk Folder It's not really related to anything, but this is my personal little online 'hard drive'. It's nothing related to nothing, but it's something to do while you're bored (Note: No longer available -BlurredD)
Howto JCS This website has very useful information about the Jazz Creation Station, and some extra stuff about making tilesets! (Note: No longer available. I'm unfortunately unable to retreive the site from the Internet Archive either -BlurredD)
Jazz 2 Level Creators This is the website of the Jazz 2 level group I'm currently a member of.
Gurus of Proactive Warfare This is the website of the clan I'm currently a member of (Note: No longer available -BlurredD)
JCSref While this website doesn't seem to be updated much lately, it does have very useful articles for both level and tileset making. Definitley worth checking out.
JCS Section of Jazz Community Forums If you're stuck and can't find the help you need on this website, then why not try asking at the JCF? There's bound to be someone that will help you, not to mention the fact that I'm a moderator of the JCS section there. How handy!

I've also decided to include links to various articles concerning tileset making. Some of them are better than others, but they're all worth a read, if only to increase your knowledge on tilesets. Always a good thing.

Article: Author: Comment:
Textured Backgrounds Violet CLM Tons of info on textured backgrounds, focusing on the palette entry ranges and how they affect the background.
Making a tileset Waz Instructions on making a tileset using Paint, wow. But seriously, if you don't have any other drawing programs then this will be a good read.
Making JJ1 conversions Violet CLM Teaches you how to make tileset conversions (uses JJ1 tilesets as an example), quite a large article as well. While I don't really agree on making conversions (People that use other tiles to make tilesets could get too lazy to make their own) it's a good read with some hilarious last pointers
How to make snow work in tilesets Disguise An old article I wrote when I figured out how to make snow. You can read it if you want, but it's all covered in the 'Palette Events' section HERE.
Tileset Reviews... Gargoyle While it's not directly related to tilesets, he does make a VERY good point in the article. I've posted a huge rant in there myself, just do what the article says and you won't get hurt
Making a Good Original Tileset Disguise VERY old article, FQuist asked me to make a tileset article for the atricles section before it goes public and this is what I ended up doing. Think of it as a mini-version of this website's tutorials section. However, the article does assume that youalready know how to make tilesets, it just discusses theories, things to draw and what to keep in mind while drawing them. Ninja Dodo made a really useful first comment too.
Tileset basics Ice MAN Another old article with all the important details on tileset basics. Made by the person whose teachings at TC101 turned me into the tileset maker I am today.
Introduction to Tilesets Ice MAN 101 reasons to make a tileset. Well ok it's not exactly 101, but you get the idea