Jazz2online F.A.Q.

Q: What are the rules on Jazz2online?

A: The rules can be found here. In short they are: No illegal software, no flames, no insulting of other users, no swearing. For the full list check the aforementioned page.

Q: Can I become a Jazz2online newsposter/admin/king?

A: We do not give out positions at Jazz2online at request. If we ever decide to give out a position it will be given to people who we know because they've been active in the community for quite a bit and who have established a good reputation.

Q: X is broke! Can you please fix it ASAP?

A: You can report any bugs in the site in the site and forum feedback forum. If it's a bug or other problem with j2o that has just to do with you, your account being broken for example, or related matters, you can request assistance using our request help form. Remember to fill in valid contact information, or we probably won't be able to assist you!

Q: Why was my review/comment/etc edited?

A: Probably because it broke the rules. See the Jazz 2 Online rules in Question 1. If you think it was unjustly deleted, you can fill in a help request here and we'll try to explain or otherwise solve the matter.

Q: Why was my download/picture/etc deleted?

A: Our policy is to delete things that are severely against the rules. For example illegal uploads, porno, huge flamefests/attacks and otherwisely very bad things. If you think the admin staff was wrong in deleting it file a help request.

Q: I lost my password! Can you give it to me?

A: You can retreive your forgotten password using our Forgot Password form. If your e-mail is invalid (tsk) and you can't retreive your password, please file a help request and give as much evidence as possible that it was you. Don't forget to name the account that you lost your password to.