Jazz2online Rules

For more than ten years, this site has been the premier Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community site. We've kept the discussions on our site civilized and the people supportive of each other most of the time.

To help this, we've established a rule set. When using our site, you agree to abide by these rules. If you don't, your contributions may be deleted or edited. Repeated or extreme violations may result in your account being banned from this site. We love receiving suggestions and will consider them but in this we don't necessarily owe our site users anything.

The rules

  1. This is our house. This is our house and you are our guests. We will do everything in our power to treat everyone with respect and accommodate everyone's wishes, but this is a private site, so when you're here, you abide by our rules. We're not obligated to observe anyone's notions of free speech or fairness, but we will try to. Feel free to open a dialogue with the admins or give suggestions in the Site Questions & Forum Feedback Forum.
  2. Follow etiquette. Use common sense and treat others like you would want to be treated. This doesn't mean you can't argue with someone and things may get heated sometimes. However, flames are largely discouraged and we expect people to have a good reason to resort to harsh language. Gratuitous swearing, insults, or trolling will get you banned. In general, you'll never go wrong by being nice, polite, and mature.

    There is a general etiquette that is followed on the forums that you can only learn through reading and posting, but here are a few important examples:
    • Jokes, slurs, insults et cetera at the expense of someone's race, gender, or sexual orientation are not acceptable. Don't be a bigot!
    • Don't be a drama queen or martyr. This isn't colonial America or Tiananmen Square. "This is going to get me banned, but..." is a good way to get banned regardless of what follows.
    • Memes are annoying. There are plenty of places to go if you want to see pictures of people failing or a caption attached to a cat. Our site is not one of those places.
    • Don't post NSFW content. This isn't the place for it. Do not post links to warez, abandonware or content that could otherwise be illegal to download. This includes (links to) full or beta versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 1, 2, 3 and GBA.
    • Do not disrupt other users' experience by posting unnecessarily large images or other content that may distort the page.
  3. Think before you post. Consider carefully the context of the conversation and the user you are responding to before posting. It's very important to be informed about a discussion before posting your thoughts. Do not post just for the sake of posting. We will warn for excessive "+1" posts. Also, don't be a backseat moderator. Our moderators handle the moderation so you don't have to. If you feel like moderation is warranted but nothing is happening, inform forum staff and they will review the situation and take appropriate measures.
  4. Contribute. Everyone that is on Jazz2Online is capable of contributing to the site in one way or another. Some people contribute by uploading great content. Some people contribute by writing reviews or news posts. Others provide resources or help other users. There's no single way to go about contributing, but all of these things help make our site better. Many longtime contributors will have more posting freedom. It's not a license to do anything they want, but in general good contributors will get favorable treatment.
  5. Don't spam. Don't use our site as your personal marketing resource. Don't post referral links or blatant traffic grabs. Don't post the same message in multiple places. It's fine to post a link to your personal blog or an article you wrote or published on another site if the content is relevant to the discussion.
  6. Respect veterans. All other things being equal, we will give preferential treatment to site members who have been with us longer. This doesn't mean they get to do whatever they want, but they do get the benefit of the doubt. If we know you and you've been around and contributed, you are much less likely to have your posts or account moderated.

    In practice, this policy means a user who has a lot of good reviews or quality uploads can get away with breaking a few minor rules with just a warning while a new user might be banned. Is this unfair? Probably. But that's how it works here, longevity and contribution are rewarded.
  7. English is the official language. Please use English only, and make an attempt to spell check and type coherently. Content in other languages will be removed.
  8. Respect your ID. Don't register 10 accounts or make your ID a novelty account that only posts a 1-liner joke over and over. Your ID is your name, it's how our users will know you and recognize you. For this reason we require that members wait at least five months before changing their username and reserve the right to refuse any name change.
  9. Read these rules. Yes, we realize that if you weren't reading the rules to begin with you probably won't be reading this, and if you're reading this, you're already reading them. So, err, keep reading.
  10. Have fun! Our site has fun people. Enjoy it. Make others happy. Be happy. Avoid being negative. Heed the admonition of Oscar Wilde: some people bring happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.
See also the Downloads FAQ for more information on the downloads section rules. Also check out the Reviewing Rules for more information on the rules regarding reviews.

Adapted with permission from TeamLiquid.net's Ten Commandments. Thanks, TeamLiquid!