Saturday, November 11, 2000

JelZe>: Hiya. stripe: hey :) I have the questions already written out, so we can go with those, or elaborate on your answers… whatever :) Ready when you are . Okay… Why on earth are you still playing a game that was released well over two years ago? The age of a game doesn’t matter to me. It’s the fun that counts. You don’t get tired of it? >No. Ok… Do you like to wear hats? The only things I’ve ever worn on my head are caps. Just the wintery kind? Summer, too. Like baseball caps then? Yeah, kinda. On to the next question: Jazz or Spaz? And why, in exactly ten words. 10 words?!? Well, here I go: Jazz, because he is the coolest rabbit on this planet. (Yep, 10 words) hehe, great! :) We’re trying to be interesting here, not inoffensive, so who is/was the best JJ2 player, and how many times have they kicked your tail? Ehm…….Lemme think…. I would say DizZy. From what I’ve heard, he’s NEVER lost a battle. Kicked my tail? A LOT of times. I don’t have the best connection, so I always get lag. (Since I got a new modem, I still get lag, but a lot less than before.) Broadband really rocks. :) Why is Jazz REALLY green? Because Sonic was blue, and they had to be cooler? Why? Well, I think they couldn’t think up another color for Jazz. :P Besides, it wasn’t a competition between Sonic and Jazz… Not really, I would definitely say there were some marked similarities. :) Yeah, really fast… (Not on my computer :P) At least we didn’t have to run and jump through the enemies to hurt them, eh? That would have been a real pain in multiplayer. What did you miss most in JJ2 that was in JJ1? The bonus and secret levels. I really like hunting for things that other people haven’t found. Yeah, I’m with you on that one. And I hate to say it, but I preffered Rob Allen’s music a bit to Alex B.‘s… it was a bit more gaudy, which fit better, imho. I prefer Rob Allen’s music too. He did make music in JJ2, though. Yeah, a few songs . Next question: name two good non-JJ2 websites (ok, ok, I ripped this from traxinspace). You should probably know that I’m not an adventurous surfer, so I don’t have many favourite sites… I sometimes visit Sabrina Online, though. What’s there? It’s a comic strip, featuring furries. Updated about once a month. The URL is You’ll also find some links to art pages. Cool – actually, now that I go there, I think that I might have read it once before. Next: Is Bill Gates going to take over the world? Wait a minute, what about the scond site? It’s an RPG with a constructor which enables to make your own RPG. They say it’s the best there is! Sounds pretty cool! RPG’s are always fun. They sure are. Too bad there aren’t many RPG’s in Europe. Now that you mention it, that’s right. I can’t think of any RPG developers across the pond (in that direction, anyway, there are plenty in Japan). So, do you think Bill Gates will own the hair on your head in 20 years? Not the hair on my head. He’ll take over a world all right: the world of the computers Yeah, there sure isn’t much Microsoft doesn’t do… if they are forced to split it could get really interesting, though. (I hate this interview and will get back to fixing it later. If you see this, remind me. ~Violet)
lalalala I would like to see his face when it does
no kidding
next up….
Describe your favorite T-Shirt. (you don’t have to own it)
Actually, i don’t have a favourite T-Shirt. I don’t care that much about fashion.
…well, I kinda like the one with the Tasmanian Devil.
hehe, is that othe one where he’s it shows him from the back and front?
No, i got more of them…..Like the one with him dresses as a karate expert. He’s very calm in front, but in the back….
uh oh… ;)
Yep, a spinning ferenzy
Speaking of spinning frenzies, when was the last time you laughed so hard you peed your pants? (even a little bit ;)
I NEVER pee my pants when i laugh : )
Hahahahaha (whoops, hold on a sec)
okey…. How old are you in dog years?
Lets see……… human = 7 dog years…….16 × 7 = my years times seven dog years……..16 × 7 = 112 years : P
Talk about old, huh?
Wait a minute…….i’m 16 and a half!
hehe, 115, even!
you must be pretty wise, then?
Well, not that wise. You could say i’m a nut : P
old and schriveled? ;P
hehe. What’s the best sport to watch?
You might say Basevball, i say……..ehm………
I haven’t heard of that one… it must be native to europe..
whoops, I meant that as a reply to the first part of your answer
oh well, it’s still funny :)
Sure is. America has baseball
If you had to make up a password right now, that you couldn’t write down, what would it be?
(the name of my fat cat)
ah :)
and if it had to be alphanumeric?
i get the rgr8 part but not the 1m…?
1 = i
ahhh, yes you are :P
anyhow, Would you rather be a silent ninja or a knight in shining armor?
A silent ninja. What else? : P
I’m silent most of time as you may know
ah :)
Well the other way you’d have a better chance with the damsels, but I hear curved swords are better anyway.
…If you could invent one icecream flavor that you wanted to eat, what would it be?
I would say……..spinach. Spinach is my favourite dish
With a .
ugh, you’ve got to be kidding :P
I just can’t imagine it with chocolate sauce.
Ok, the final question… Could Lori take Jill of the Jungle in a 1v1 on the Vorticon’s Homeworld?
Explain Vorticon
(the planet in Keen 3)
if you’ve never played it, say…
say mars instead
Well, my copy of Keen 3 got busted
it was very purple, and it had Messy, the Loch Mess monster
Well, they both look good, can kick some……rear ends, if you get the drift ; )
hehe, i think I understand…
but still- only one can survive…
I think it would become a tie
would they end up they both end up toasted or just have the shoot the guns out of each others’ hands?
Jill doesn’t have a gun, remember? ; )
ok ok, so it’s been forever and a day since played it :P
I think they’ll shoot the weapons out of each other’s hands
but maybe they’d both get turned into frogs!
That is possible
That blasted witch! :)
And symbol in Jill

yeah. That blasted symbol!


okey, well, thanks for your time!

np stripe

o yeah, tell them to take my answers not too seriously : )

heh, okey ;)

well, adeu!

cya stripe





bye bye


Cell_old on May 21, 2001 04:00

Ya bunch `a weirdos!

Spaz Boy on October 30, 2001 05:00

LOL, we have a lot of physcho people on Jazz2! What!? No, I am not physcho!!! Runs into the wall 5 minutes later…‘ow that hurt’….‘Whooo what does this button do?’ *Pushes the self-destruct button (remember on the autorun ;) Halloween is tomorrow, and I think I will interview someone sometime. “Physcedelic people are not like Zelda (remember the old ones, she is a physchic ;P) but like the people on JJ2…absoulutely nuts!” —Me (it was the first thing that popped to mind ;P)

..::Goldy::.. on March 30, 2002 05:00

useless but fun to read :)

cooba on December 19, 2003 05:00

Every time in CK3 I die before meet Messie :(