Please sue BunnyElmer if it’s about the answers. Sue him anyway if it’s about the answers. :P

Q (1):
What would you do for it? (i.e: Put an add for it on your site, ask them about looks and layout, that type of thing)
BúññýÉlmér ÑW:
i would watch over the Forum and try to stop attacks also try to dont even make attacks starting
I would add there banners ofcorce
Q (2)
WHY do you want to be a moderator?
BúññýÉlmér ÑW:
I want to help other people i dont want to be a easly jcf member i want to have a good and a big reputation something like a superjazzer aslo i want peace in jj2 sometime i fell someone does wants to take over jj2. i want to be usefull to others
Q (3)
Being a Moderator can be a big job. Think about it. Would you get bored and start doing bad things? Maybe FQuist (No, he’s away) or someone could tell you what it was like. If you didn’t like what it sounded what you would have to do, would you still want to be a Moderator?
BúññýÉlmér ÑW:
Yea ofcorce if you would choose to be a moderator you must also know the bad things around it so i accept them i wotn do any evil things i wont get bored untill i stop jazzin but that wil never happen
Q (4)
If you were a Moderator for the JCF, do you think you would trust yourself to help wiht J20, too?
BúññýÉlmér ÑW:
would i also be a moderator on j2o then sure i would help


Elliot on June 07, 2002 04:00

Oh yes, BunnyElmer, please don’t yell out mistakes in replies here. Just tell me on MSN.

Taz on June 10, 2002 04:00

Err… Learn more English. That’s simple to read. And urr… You can have a big reputation, but not be a moderator of J2O.. <strike>(Like me >:)</strike> Like ehm.. You are right ;)

Elliot on June 13, 2002 04:00

FQuist, edited.

Super Saiyan on August 04, 2002 04:00

You ask too much, everyone wans to be like you. How come you think exactly YOU can be one?

American on October 16, 2002 04:00

I don’t think posting this will do much for your chances.

Elliot on November 26, 2002 05:00

I don’t want him to become a moderator EITHER.