This was also posted on the JCF a while ago but since there are still people asking “WHATS THE BEST CLAN” I’ll post a modified version of the topic here. Grammar is cleaned up :)
About clans. Clans are, in my humble opinion, nice. They make JJ2 sometimes easier, and you can stay with people you like in a group, and that kind of things. But, too bad, as you see, it goes like this:
Good clans are against bad clans, clans are cloning other clans, etcetera. Since that has started (a long time ago, I guess), there became “groups” of clans. No, not really groups of clans, more “kinds” of clans. Clans that are trying to be good, clan that are good, clans that look like good but that aren’t, evil clans, clans that don’t think about being good. I think you start understanding what I mean.
The problem of clans is just that they are GROUPS. And I think you can’t call a group good or bad. There are always better players and worser players in. Good players are being evil and teasing everyone, or bad players are nice. Or vica versa :). I also think you can’t rate a clan with just “good” and “bad”. And almost everyone is doing this. If you call a clan good, what do you mean with “good”? Nice members? Players who excel at battle? CTF? Treasure? A member who can make good JJ2 programs? Good levelmakers? Tilesetmakers?
You see? That’s the matter. I can hear you thinking “sheesh, he’s nagging. Ban that nerd.” Doesn’t matter. I just want to say this. Since there are questions like “what’s the best clan so I know what to join”, and I don’t know what to answer. I like much clans, but not only because they have players who can battle good (Darn that english grammar!) or something. Well, that’s what I wanted to say.
Thank you for the time you wasted on reading :).


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Taz on July 01, 2002 04:00

I say that always. <strike> Always Coca-Clannys! </strike>

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Remember, this article was written years ago and does not really reflect my current intellectual level ;P