It all started in 1998 June, me as an JJ2 Online newbie entered the whole world of Jazz Jackrabbit and with only an Outdated 33k6 modem. I was prettty lame to be honest, cursed at everybody saying that they where Lamers. But then i discoverd Jazz2city with the Epic Boards and my first step of this New World new community was settled, it was weird because i came from a Die-hard Demonic QuakeWorld and now i was trown into the world of Jazz Jackrabbit, carrots, DethMan and the World of People that i soner knew. Ive seen that there where clans in this game, I know i had a clan started with my friend BlackWolf in Quake. I wanted to try to make one of the first multigameclans and it worked Xeno and Alec aka Kovu where the first joiners of this new clan called GPE Glenn Petronas Energy (lame eh?) so we renamed the clan in GPW God Promise to Win. In the new game it was like, “Hello, jazz jackrabbit we have a clan now in you now!” In the begin we where weak and laughed out lost alot of members but it became worse, i lost
“the Internet” for 7 months, clan died accept the Quakeworld Division survived thanks to Kman and BlackWolf but jj2 was forgotten the clan of GpW. I was lost and forgotten..

Then march 1999 my goal was to be back in all. ways Ive planned to be in the News to be Known, ive started project Jazz Jackrabbit 2 goes Quake this worked but the project died very soon because the Coder and Model Designer Quited, while I was just a sim-pel level-designer. So then the rumors of “it” came, “iT” became “The Secret files”. I was impressed, A new caracter, new levels, new players, heh that time ive even downloaded all the screenshots (still have them!) by the Jazz 2 Team but it was really Project 2 plus Evil Bill/Jeh and Noogy. Then a few days later, I saw the Downloads by Xeno, it where some modfiles collections, this made me thinking. “What he, can I can” I had from my friend Tars (aka Blade Master) more then 5000! mod files. So Ive started with construction GPW music pack one, this was a big succes, had a lot of Fanmail after that so soon after that 2 and 3 where released and even got more Fame/Fan mail, i loved that so for my feeling this was a succes and step 2 was completed.

Now it was time to get back into JCF, i re-opend the old level “Kill-zone”, Edited it some with the standards that time.. It needed eyecandy, so i made “eye-candy” on icq, Heather aka Aprhodite said that she would love to see more levels by me. So i made a Castle one and a weird Tubelectric.. but it was nameless, coulden’t make up a name so i thought about clans and clanwars. Merging that and you had the pack Clan-Wars. It striked directly a *** by Wakeman and it had a great comment about it.
In may 1999 Jazz Jackrabbit The Secret Files was a hit in Europe, but i just had it in June was a month to-late but no big deal, ive heard there where a few contests but i was way to late for the Level Design Contest and the slogan. The I heard about GamePoint BattleContest, wadda ya know I knew Gamepoint sinds QuakeWorld so this would be very interesting. I knew the contest was somewhere late July so i started to practise alot sometimes with a 56k 12 hours A DAY!…
THen the day came, Battle 2, Giant, Kingpin, Spy and alot of others where there, ready to claim the last 500 euro.
It started, I coulden’t think, just shoot and shoot, so i did and before i knew the 25 limit was hitted “I was champion!!!! and 500 Euro Richer” Wow, I coulden’t believe it I WON something in my little life.. “CooL” This was Step 3 to be known agian..

Then suddenly August 1999 Jazz 2 City needed ADMINS.. New, Clan and LevelGroupLists.. This was THE chance to be in the Elite of Elite.. I joined up For Clan and levelgroups, my dream came out.. I WAS A %$&$ Jazz 2 City admin.. Couldn’t believe it. This was really for my feeling to top but it wasn’t.. Ive got suddenly contact with Arjan Brussee, Jeh and Noogy.. It was so fast.. After that Project 2 Asked me to join the team for HH99 aka Christmass Chronicals. but it went even better Jeh asked me to join MYSTIC LEGENDS!!!! Whaaa! Sorry, GpW design Team and J2LC i’m going to join them.. Fquist wasn’t really that happy, but Mystic Legends, wow, that was really the best thing i ever did. It was JEH and Dethman, the legends of legends asked me.. arg.. To thank everyone, ive started to do project ClanWars:Special Edition!

Year 2000 Striked, [GpW] Changed alot, URL, Name (Gurus of proactive Warfare) logo and games. Counter-strike, Quake 3 Arena, StarCraft and Jazz jackrabbit 2.

Dang, what a time was that, notthing could go wrong, but the CS merge and personal problems was this the start of the Dead.. Lost a great classmate where i was in love with, couldn’t care about anyone.. These months are vague, jazz 2 city died, Universe Jazz started and was slowly updated because Alienator had to much so after a short living it died simply. More happend the Quake 3 Arena Gameleader toke the Clan with him for Quake 3 Fortress and letted the [GpW] die for a new clan Called back to basic (thanks mister wizard!)

After the bad half year a slow grow came, well at least in the CS division, jazz division started to suffer from the first inactives and leavers, the Legend from clan Army of Death joined GpW but 2 months later he became inactive and quited Jj2. This was such a smack for the clan, he was THE guy that owned…
In decemeber, jmmb died “censored DETHMAN, 2nd time now this year, without warning letting it die!” a well things couldn’t be worse, but it did, 01-01-01 came.. I lost 2 fam, 2 friends after a great cafe Fire in volendam, i couldn’t care about ANYTHING anymore…I wanted to die, but after some serieus help from local people, I learned to be positive agian with life and just go on with life that death from someone close shouldn’t be mine death. This toke months and months but somewhere in July i regained strength, Gambit replaced Aerox that time for the CS divion. This was so good, that we striked 3th on the CLanbase Netherlands ladder! Wow, we where PRO! now.. In August a great event happend by KooF, [GpW] PaintBall Event 1, The begin of a new age, but it died a month after the event.. GpW CS died, GpW was now bleeding, no succesfully game anymore. The Remaining stayed in [GpW]CS but the team was to small, so we merged with clan [BLaaT] what a choice but [GpW] was dead now.. Already..

2002 came, from worse to bad.. we started to fight with our old enemy CC, bad choice imho, didn’t damage the clan but damaged the feeling of playing and inactives list grew and grew.. I was almost crused about this. JJ2 is going down for [GpW] hints where there but notthing helpted! April Came Anniversary bash 4. THe Joke of [GpW].. Was a succes! Every-one didn’t like this so after the conclusion.. The joke is over lets get back to the game in a fresh start, first thing first.. make peace with CraccoBoy of clan CC. AFter a few hour discussion it was made.. Peace was there! So back to gaming igeuss..
but no, it was for another game.. Wolfenstein, it made me go wow.. ‘grpix, gameplay and Skills! I was good in a game agian? unbelieveable!’ So TCGO came, [GpW] Rtcw left, welcome pro-gaming, bye clan.. TCGO project didn’t hold that long. So soon after that, after a few clans the Ultimate clan Asked me.. Amnesia, best of benelux, winner from Benelux Cup! So lets go…

2002 July striked, i went on a Holiday, [GpW] was now using his last strength, to be alive, no Gameleader, no active members.. Now what? I waited till i came back, but i didn’t.. I lost the spirit of jazz, and a clan with no leader dies fast….

So I tried to comeback but it failed, actives where unhappy, skills where gone, [GpW] lost his pride and love. To the sake of Disguise, Tyffy and the new joiners i couldn’t let it die.. but it must be.. a goodleader knows when it ends and then newspazz sayed, “Magoo left” this was for me the final blow.. Bye [GpW], Bye jazz.. We will miss you…

Am i now a legend? No, I am jazzer.. I Am ShadoW a Guru of Proactive Warfare [GpW].

Although i regret my decission..


BæÅüMàÑ on August 23, 2002 06:00

heh, miss ya shad, twas some good years, heh. a famous quote…. “All Good Things Must Come To An End”… and GpW was one of the best things to hit JJ2. You claim to have stoppped the clan without pride…. honor…… but it still had much, just many busy members. May you always be remembered, heh. Then again, i’ll prolly chat with you sometimes, heh.

(Content edit. -Trafton)

Da-SleEMaNGirL on August 23, 2002 06:00

I love you shad. ;-;

Disguise on August 24, 2002 06:00

I’ll see ya tomorrow then i’ll kick your butt for closing it down ;)
heh, jk

But awesome speech, really rbings back the memories, much better than I could ever have done ;.;

KJAZZ on August 24, 2002 06:00

Laterz. You shall be missed.

BlackRabite on August 25, 2002 06:00

Nuts, now I can’t join.
sets sights on FoR

Hey, are you ALL LEAVING?

American on August 26, 2002 06:00

Man, even though I was only in it for one day, I will miss GpW. It’s sad to see this happen. :’(

Blackraptor on August 31, 2002 06:00

Man, I want even in it, but that was one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. :’(

Taz on September 05, 2002 06:00

Sniff.. I hate to be clanless ;(

Krezack on September 09, 2002 06:00

Dead, dead, dead. ALL DEAD.

SPLASHcc on September 23, 2002 06:00

Old clans, I salute you! ;-)

Sir Slayallot on October 30, 2002 06:00

Brings back memmories, fare well J.

SaURoN on November 23, 2002 06:00

aah, nice to read u havent forgotten my name ;)

Was just surfing around, when i got the idea. Why dont go look up some old skool gpw info :)
Didnt knew jj2 lived.

Kingpin signing off

Super Saiyan on November 27, 2002 06:00

lol, my dream ONCE was joining GpW, a whole while ago. It was a superior clan by then.
Things have changed, im happy with my clan now.

Nemesis[GpW] on December 15, 2002 06:00

Now that was sad….
But sure does bring up some good memories…and you actually thought of me when writing this, I’m honored :)

There will always be a special place in my heart for ‘good old jazz times’ and ofcourse my beloved clans: AD and GpW

-Nemesis, ex-leader of a once powerful clan, Army of Darkness

Canadian778 on January 04, 2003 06:00


(Personal attack edit. You receive a warning for this. -Trafton)

Bjarni on February 09, 2003 06:00

To see the King good GRAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #/)=/%#”=)%#/()/>()=/>%=)(#/%=)/%()=#/=)(&%/=)#”/%#”(=)/%#”)=(%/”(=)&$/$”()=/%()=”/#%=)/”/=#)”/(=)/!()=$#

I <b>HATE</b> <b>A</b><u>S</u><i>Z</i>!!!

FoD on February 13, 2003 06:00

Being in GPW was fun.. long ago. I think it was, essentially, the first clan I was ever in. But alas, when I wanted back in later, I never got in. Oh well. GPW =(ed) fun and good.

HyStar on March 06, 2003 06:00

Hehe shadow :)
You still aren’t good at writing english :D
Nemesis meh buddy :)
If you are on irc contact me sometime dude ! #g.o.d.s
Shadow still a great article :)
If you are still in contact with spy, tell me plz !
What irc channel is clan amnesia on, would like to know that too !!
I’m on irc as nF|MnlsoN

Mercurio on March 09, 2003 06:00

I was once in GPW but i left… Like Shadow said: The active members were complaining. So was i… no wars, no meeting, no anything.

(Once known as Lizion [GPW])

Fezz on March 11, 2003 06:00

1998… thats when i was Mousie Girl in JJ2… X3 miss that year… I remember Jazz 2 city, i no my sister AtmcDragon always would talk to the guy who owned the site too.. Oh well, I can always remember that one clan AE thoose ppl i saw ever where XD r they still around? i dun have jj2 anymore :’(

YAy 4 OLD CLANS! never was in GPW though XD nobody wanted the 8 year old lol

CyanideBlizzard on March 28, 2003 06:00

You stuck by me when I was in my youth, I owe so much of my success and greatness to you, my mentor, Shadow.

Peace out man, and bless you.(god, or buddah, or whatever)

Lamer on April 19, 2003 06:00

That was beautiful, Shadow. ;-;

StarFoX [GpW] on October 23, 2003 06:00

I’m new in [GpW]. :D I WILL STAY IN IT FOREVER!!!… :D

P.S. Nice speech Shadow :D

Cazz NP on November 09, 2003 06:00

Got a little teary eyed at the end there…

Lark on April 17, 2004 06:00

(just so you all know, Starfox is no longer in GpW)

[GpW]Urbs on January 11, 2005 20:38

WE\‘re back, and ready to whoop some, well u know what!
3rd on the 1st JJ2WC season, wonder what the future might hold in store for us, whatever that might be, we stand ready!
You have but to say and our legions march…

Mercurio on February 27, 2005 11:42


Anubis on February 22, 2007 22:35

And you\‘re steal almost dead :(

blizzventureco on September 13, 2009 21:26

Yours too writing too!,
This writing any moderately…
This too write only helpful rating…