What do you get when you start a website with no knowledge of HTML and a crummy Word Processor as your webpage editor? A whole lot of chickens and cows.

The idea for Jazz 2 Stuff came to me one night in a dream. No, I think I was eating a piece of cheese when it happened. Whatever it was, I knew Jazz 2 Stuff was going to be the best Jazz 2 News and Downloads site ever. (cough) This was in 1997 when I was maintaining my old homepage, Steven’s Stuff. I spent all my time on that site, so I didn’t have much free time to expand my idea for J2S, and it lay in the back of my mind for a long time. Perhaps I would have started sooner if I had figured out that it was not good when your homepage received about 500 visitors in a year. Anyway..

Then it happened. The Jazz 2 Warehouse went up. The Daily Carrot went up. Dethman put up a really graphical site with Jazz 2 content that locked up my Internet browser everytime I opened it. Onag’s site, strangely named Onag, went up. Jazz 2 City was soon to be up. I realized that the least thing the community needed was another news site.

I decided to do something different.

And so it came to pass that on the twenty-fourth day in the third month of the one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eighth year since Christ, the “different” Jazz 2 site came into existence. And boy was it bad. Horrible graphics. Horrible layout. Horrible content. (I stole the poll idea from Onag, ya know.) Send in more horrible comments if you’d like. It was horrible.

Over two and a half years later, what can I say about J2S? It’s still horrible, but it has outlasted every other site in the community, it started a few trends, (chickens, cows, and BoX) and the polls are still going strong. Plus, I have stopped world hunger and saved the rainforest. All in all, I just cluttered up the Articles section at J2O. PANTS.


Cheeze on November 18, 2000 06:00

It’s a great site, and if you didn’t clutter the front page up so much that it’s 10 megs and 2 hours to download, i’d actually go there more often. ;p

I think i actually participated in a few polls a few times. ;p


Nitro on November 18, 2000 06:00

It’s not so bad, i like it (but i don’t go there much)

Wakeman on November 19, 2000 06:00

Hmm. I guess I shouldn’t have made each layout compatible with 1600×1200. Kinda makes the menu graphics large, ya know. ;) However, that’s also why I made <a href=“http://www.nagcentral.com/j2s/index640.htm”>this</a> layout.

I am already making efforts to decrease the loading time. I recently removed all of the awards from the News page. :)

Fox on November 19, 2000 06:00

Hey, my res is 1600×1200 =)

Coolful article, Steven :)

Monolith on November 20, 2000 06:00

J2S is a great site, especially because it’s different :-)
The unique polls are the greatest feature IMO. It’s the content that makes a site, and this site has some of the best content around.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t think of a better article comment for something this great :-)

Newspaz on May 13, 2001 06:00

I still go there every day. But I’m getting kind of bored ;). It only is updated every two weeks at the moment.

Stijn on July 10, 2001 06:00

I think wakeman just want ppl saying his website is great :).

No, kidding. The site is kool and has great stuff.

Red-Hot-Rabbit on July 21, 2001 06:00

Jazz2Stuff is GREAT!!!!! =)

Overlord on July 22, 2001 06:00

No. It’s the BEST! :P

Lamer on September 15, 2001 06:00

Even if time doesn’t permit me to go there as much as I used to, it’s still a must visit site!

VooDoo on February 27, 2004 06:00

Jazz2 stuf is great,,,,,,,,


Cazz NP on May 22, 2004 06:00

Jazz 2 Stuff was my favorite site. EVER. I LOVED Jazz-Trek…When I heard it was going…man, I was DEPRESSED!!! About 3 years after it’s death…Heck, I’m STILL willing to help pay for a new domain!! I mean, hello!! Tripod? Anglefire? Geocities? My first JJ2 site was with Geocities, called the NEW Jazz 2 City. (They cut it off because I exceeded bandwidth…with music.) Then about 2 years ago I started Silly Wabbits…the reactions were underwhelming. Apparently I’m not popular…Nobody on JJ2 likes me at all….