OK, this article will be short, but it will tell you how to make Jazz2 Internet Shortcuts, with *.j2i expansion. I don’t know are they available in 1.23, because I have TSF, but TSF’ers will maybe find something useful in it.
OK, first, open notepad. The only thing you have to write, is the IP of your favourite JJ2 server. You can check player’s IP by pressing F9 twice in game. Anyway, for example, we will use the IP of JDC events here, so we will be able to get there faster. Write the IP in notepad, so it will look like this (this is only an example, throught):
And that’s really all! Now save the file as JDC.j2i, or how you want to name it. When you will know that server is on, click the icon twice, and you will join the server as 1 player with latest configuration, and as default team in CTF.
The cool thing in Jazz2 Internet Shotcuts is that they can be positioned everywhere in your HDD. For example, on desktop. The bad thing is that if you have more than one Jazz2 installed (for example, I have TSF and CC), it will open from the latest installed.
Maybe there are some values to enter in the j2i file, like account of players, team etc., but because I’m not a programist, I don’t know how. Maybe even source code is needed for this…
But you know everything what you must know to create j2i files. Maybe you won’t see anything useful here – but you can never know…


Stilettø on October 02, 2002 04:00

Yes This would Prolly work only it Connect to the Game last installed Like you said so it wouldn’t Realy Work a Better Way FoR this is

<b>Jazz2 Shortcuts</b>
br />

<i>1</i> <p>First make a Shortcut of Jazz2.
<i>2</i><p>Then Right click on it Properties.
<i>3</i><p>Then you see “Pad Where The Jazz2.exe is” The map where it is Example “C:\Games\Jazz2\Jazz2.exe”
<i>4</i><p>Change it into C:\Games\Jazz2\Jazz2.exe -connect -

Then it would Connect to my Server at Jazz2 if you want to use it FoR TSF Search FoR you’r TSF Directory and change that in “Start in”

Nitro on October 05, 2002 04:00


Jarno vos on March 26, 2005 09:11

Now I get it!

Thomas on November 01, 2006 20:49

What happens when there is a password

mohamed_96_2007 on December 30, 2006 07:13

jjfly And jjgod