This wasn’t getting many replies on the JCF, and I figured this article would be helpful to those thinking of purchasing Jazz GBA. So here’s the review.
“Yes, I was bored enough to write….Iam Canadian’s Jazz GBA Review!!! Cheers and huzzahs Now, straight from my .txt file to your screen…
Iam Canadian
SUMMARY: Well, here it is. All you naysayers and pessimists were wrong. A new Jazz game has been released. On a console. And it ain’t half bad. But how does it stack up in the series? Well, let’s find out.
GRAPHICS: They aren’t bad, really, taking into account this is a Gameboy. They’re pretty sharp and the brightness control was a great option. The backgrounds are clear and look good, and the enemies are very well animated. You just have to see the turtle stormtroopers grab themselves and watch their eyes bug out when they die to get the full effect. However, Jazz’s sprite looks pretty bad. With practically no facial expressions or personality to speak of, he’s lifeless compared to the rest of the cast. But the really good graphics appear in the cutscenes. They’re very well drawn and crystal clear. And having Dark Shell appear on the Game Over screen after he reveals himself was a nice touch. GRAPHICS SCORE: 8/10
STORY: Compared to Jazz’s previous outings, this game offers more plot than its predcessors. With the vibrant cutscenes which can be surprisingly long at times, the story is conveyed well. The characters are invested with actual personalities, with Jazz retaining his personality from Jazz 1 and Dark Shell being hopelessly incompetent, they’re portrayed well. The little touches where Jazz interacts with his foes during levels were interesting as well. STORY SCORE: 7/10
SOUND AND AUDIO: This is probabaly the most dissapointing aspect of the game (aside from the major changes in Jazz, but let’s not get into that). The sound is okay, with cute touches like the enemies screaming when you kill them, but most of it is generic and does the job, but breaks no new ground. The music was rather dull, and there were no memorable tunes to speak of. Heck, they even cut out the classic Jazz menu theme! SOUND SCORE: 6/10
PLAY CONTROL: Jazz is responsive and the controls are well done. You can customize controls using 6 different control modes which is nice. Jazz can shoot diagonally now, which makes him less helpless. And boy, with the AI in this game, Jazz is going to need all he’s got! CONTROL SCORE: 9/10
GAMEPLAY: Now we get to the most important part of the game. A game with zero good gameplay is just an overglorified movie. Jazz is known for its gameplay and the game delivers—-to a point. Jazz gets armed with several brand new guns which are fairly cliched shooter weapons (the typical blaster, the machine gun, the rocket launcher etc.). The levels in this game often involve more searching for switches and targets to open doors than just running through, blasting everything in sight. But Jazz is at heart, an action game, and this game’s got action! The enemies have very good AI. If you duck under an enemy’s shot, the enemy will quickly realize this and shoot lower. However, the enemies have little variety. Chameleons inhabit Chameleon World, Saurions (big dinosaur guys) are the only enemies in Carrotopolis, the Storm Trooper turtles live on Icebox3, mecha turtles are on Pollutus, and little raptor guys along with more Storm Troopers appear on the castle planet (its name escapes me at the moment…) and that’s pretty much it.. And another problem arises: the game is too darn short! If you try, you can breeze through it in a few hours. Although much of the fighting in the game is basically ducking and shooting foes, the bosses are refreshing, for it takes strategy to defeat most of them. For example, to defeat the first boss, the king chameleon, you must shoot him to make him charge at you, then jump over him, causing him to crash into a wall. Also, the game adds some realism with the bigger guns (eg: the rocket launcher and the Big Gun) inhibiting Jazz’s movement. If the game were longer, gameplay would get perhaps a nine. GAMEPLAY SCORE: 8/10
FINAL OUTCOME: This game is quite good, and is worthy to the title Jazz Jackrabbit. But a few changes here and there, it could be improved drastically. FINAL SCORE: (Not an average) 7.5/10”


Bjarni on January 28, 2003 05:00

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Bjarni, I have told you, you don´t have admin-power


Blackraptor on February 01, 2003 05:00

Good article, its good to see that jazzGBA got a high score, then jj3 might be continued hopefully….

Bjarni, why are you pretending to be edited by an admin all the time. Its not funny, but plain stupid…

DoubleGJ on February 04, 2003 05:00

If you are a VERY BIG fan of Jazz (like me :D), add 1.0 to final score. If you mostly think about game’s graphics and music, not gameplay, remove 1.0 from final score.

And Blackraptor, you’re right (second line).

BlackRabite on April 21, 2003 04:00

Hmm, if it was in stores, I could finally have a use for the 50$ I have (or half of it anyway)

Shiverz on November 03, 2003 05:00

JJGBA is a good game as I bought it for £20. It may not follow the Jazz storyline but maybe its set when Jazz was younger and looked different after all we dont know how old he is ?

Thomas on October 11, 2006 00:01

I did not get it yet but it makes me relly like to get it!

Zoro on September 13, 2009 00:53

Nice game, but too smart… I have JJG on computer, :)… We download it from… :)