Before you start make a copy of your old JCS. Then download Overlord’s patch ( and use it on your 1.23 JCS. However it is known that patched JCS tends to crash immediately after you load the 1.24 level in the patched 1.23 JCS… I’ve found a way to stop JCS from crashing.
First of all why does JCS crash when you open a level in it? The answer is simple – the same thing that gets lost during the conversion: animated and flipped tiles showing in PARALAX SCREEN window!
So what the method?
1)Before you try to convert the level open it in a normal 1.24 JCS.
2)Delete all animations and disregard unknown tiles while saving
3)Click on Layer 8 minimize it so that no sliders are visible on the Layers part of the screen.
4)If the background on Layer 8 is too big to the shown completely after minimization make it smaller – or better completely delete it. The same with the flipped tiles – NONE can be visible anywhere!
5)Now change the tileset to e.x. Haunted House (or any that won’t show up in the patched JCS!)
6)Svae the level.
7)Open the patched JCS.
8)Minimize the ANIMATIONS and PARALAX VIEW windows so nothing is visible on them! This step is very important.
9)Open the level. If you did everything correctly the JCS should NOT crash.
10)Change the tileset to one that should be used in the level.
11) Save the level.
After that the level SHOULD open in a normal 1.23.

(Changing the tilesets is probably not required for the method to work but the patched JCS seems to be a little bit more stable when is has no tileset loaded with the level.)


American on March 31, 2003 05:00

As Spaztic suggested, it would be nice to see a program that could do this automatically. Oh well. =P

DanX on March 31, 2003 05:00

Yeah it would… but I neither have enough knowledge or time to make one so until someone makes it we’ll have to do it manualy :)
And you’ll have to redo and replace all animations and flipped tiles manually anyhow… :)

ScionFighter on April 29, 2003 04:00

Thanx DanX ;)!! Triple thanks from me! At last, a way to make non-TSF levels with TSF! Thanks again! :)

Blade on January 19, 2006 12:51

Hehe :) This one could have been handy when I was working with The Episode years ago. The Rainy Forest level was accidentially saved in 1.24 format, and I had no choice but to convert the level back tile by tile. It was quite easy, but I would recommend this DanX method :)

$ÏMØÑ on January 17, 2007 15:28

This work by the most Levels…but not by all :(

Technopauluz on April 21, 2007 19:30

Ill gonna try this at home ;)

It may be very useful to make everyone happy when ill upload my battlepack :D


YES!! It works!, it takes some time but thats nothing if u must redo your whole lvl :S ;)

Tnx for the useful tip!

johnboush on June 20, 2007 09:04