Making A Tileset
Hey, happy jazz folks.
Today I decided to write a small article about making tilesets. Why? Because people ask me how to make tilesets very often, when I play online, and apearantly some other articles talk about tilesets, but none really explains how to make’em.
We’ll suppose we work with Paint for the tileset, since that’s the only program everyone has(and it’s the only program known to me).
How to start:
1-The first thing to do is start a new .bmp file. The drawing must be saved at your Jazz2 directory, in the “tiles” file. Set the colors to 256 when you save.
2-Open JCS.
3-Press “set” in the upper-left window, and press “help” in the new window that normally apeares. You can find all the info you need, but in some cases, the indicated steps don’t work. We’ll consider our case to be one of them.
4-Press “tileset properties”, then “creating a tileset Mini-manual”.You must copy the image of the empty tileset by right-clicking it, instead of “downloading” it, which doesn’t always work.
5-Return to the .bmp file, and paste the copied image.
6-Set the width of the image on 320 pixels. You can now start drawing.
The limits of a tile are the white stripes and the grey pixels.
7-Once you finished drawing the tileset, you must save the current image under the same directory, but with another name(ex: the first image was calles “tileset.bmp”, you can call this one “masks.bmp”). This second image will bacome the masks of your set.
8-Erase everything Jazz isn’t supposed to bump into with the black color, which is the “translucent” color with Paint.
9-Go to JCS.
10-Press “set” in the first window. Then press “add”.
You’ll get something where you have to fill in 4 fields.
The first one will be the name of the set in JCS.
The second one will be the filename.
The third one should be the name of the first image you drew, which is supposed to be displayed in a list.
The last is the last image you drew, which is also supposed to apear in the list.
The last thingy where you can put a tick is incase you didn’t use the Jazz2palette. We didn’t use it, so we put a tick in it.
11-Now that you added the tileset, you must build it, by selecting it in the displayed list of tilesets and by pressing “build”.
12-Once the tileset is built, you can use it.
I hope I don’t have to explain it anymore when I play online. I get roasted a lot when I chat.
Another hint for Paint users.
How to use the Jazz2palette in your tilesets.
This is a way to have more colors when you use paint.
1-Open JCS. Same steps as 3-4 above exept you press “jazz2palette”.
2-Copy the image of the palette, that is supposed to get displayed.
3-Close JCS and put the color setting of you computer on 256 colors.
4-Open a .bmp file. Paste the palette. It didn’t change colors.
5-Save the .bmp under your jazz2 directory, as mentionned above.
6-Put the color settings of the computer back on 16 bits, or 24, or how many you want.
7-You can now draw using the Jazz2palette.
EDIT: I’ve recently noticed that using the jazz2palette can have a good influence on paint’s palette. There are actually more colors when using the jazz2palette.
There. I’m done.
If you have any questions, you can send me a private message, or an email to waz_adm@hotmail.com.
To the admins: if you guys think this article is useless, feel free to delete it.


Violet CLM on April 05, 2003 05:00

Unless your graphics program is fairly unimpressive, use the grid function and never ever use that empty tileset image. Tiles are 32×32, and you should be able to set the grid to that.

Waz on April 06, 2003 05:00

That’s an interresting fact, Violet. I never knew that. Is it possible with Paint?

Violet CLM on April 06, 2003 05:00

I don’t think so.

American on April 07, 2003 04:00

Paint falls into the category of “unimpressive.” There is not anything much less impressive, frankly. ;-P

Waz on April 07, 2003 04:00

Too bad. Anyways, the thing with the empty tileset also works. It just takes more time…

Waz on April 08, 2003 04:00

Yeah, but I explained it with Paint, since that’s the only program evryone has. And you can make reasonnable things with it, even though it’s bad. All my sets use it.

mikeejimbo on April 09, 2003 04:00

I made my tileset with paint and the empty tileset picture and (other than my artwork) it worked out fine.

I think this will be helpful to a lot of people. I like how JCS will remap the palette for you so it looks right.

DoubleGJ on April 13, 2003 04:00

My tilesets never got higher rating than 7, because I made them in Paint. :) But be careful I’ll have to make one for Devil Dash.

blurredd on April 20, 2003 04:00

The tileset master’s friend: PSP.

Waz on April 26, 2003 04:00

Yes, BlurredD, but not evryone can afford it. That’s why I explained this with Paint.

And by the way, when a tileset uses Paint, you can be sure the author had to put much effort in it, which can affect the rating…

Waz on April 30, 2003 04:00

I’m glad to help you out, Partybunny.

I’ll take a look at your homepage.

partybunny on April 30, 2003 04:00

Hi dear Waz.

Your explain helps me so much… Thank you weeerrryyy much! Hehe.. :9

And visit in my homepage!


ScionFighter on May 03, 2003 04:00

Well, I do tilesets in Corel Photo-Paint 8… My last tilesets was sucky a bit, but I’m realizing what functions are in my editor… Maybe I write an article how to make tilesets in CPP8 :P

Nice article anyway.

Jazz Killer on May 09, 2003 04:00

Thnk you Waz your good at this

Mike on August 23, 2003 04:00

I don’t understand… it didn’t work on my computer…
How do you upload tilesets/levels on j2o?

OM2004 on February 04, 2007 15:08

Holy Crap! It worked! I have spent years trying to figure this out, and now I can finily make my own tile sets with paint! Thanks

Naruto BR FC on May 15, 2008 17:48

plz help i dont know make bmp file . GOOD ARTICLE

Ron97 on March 24, 2009 15:55

I agree with Waz,not everyone can afford such programs. Good job Waz,and thank you for this.

Cobra NF on July 05, 2009 19:03

every time i press help on the set page it says it cant fins a www. web browser to give me the info…..PLZ HELP!!!!!