Hints & Tricks
There’s more to a Jazz MP game than just walking a round and shooting at evrything that moves. You’ll need some tacticks and strategies to be succesfull. Here are some strategies and moves I often use during battles, ctf’s and treasure hunts.
Note: the names I gave to the moves are just the way I call’em. There are not really “official” names for these kind of moves. You’ll have to practice a bit for some moves, cuz they’re not all that easy.
The best thing to do at the beginning of a game is to always look around to see what the level looks like, where the weapons are, and where most of the other players hang out. When you know it all quite well, you will be able to know what kind of strategy you should use.
This strategy is very often used. You go to a place where many players go, and you wait for them. This is, for example, often used in Battle1, near the seek power-up.
This is a defensive move. When someone fires at you, use the buttstomp move right before you get hit. This way, the ammo won’t do any damage. This works especially well against seekers.
Also a defensive move. When someone is chasing you, use your TNT ammo to make some sort of “tail” behind you. This tail won’t do much dammage to your opponent, but when he fires at you, it’s mostly the TNT that gets hit instead of you.
This consists in making somesort of “wall” of TNT, that will “catch” all the ammo that’s shot at you for 8sec. This is handy when your in a dead end for example, and someone is shooting at you. This “shield” doesn’t last long, but it can save you.
Jump Shot
This move will allow your weapons to travell over a longer distance before hitting anything. This is very handy when you’re about to go somewhere where the war aktivities are very dense. Do this by running for about 5 tiles, then jump and immediatly shoot. This move can make RF’s range pass from 6 tiles to 40 tiles!(there’s hardy ever a straight part of 40 tiles, but just to say it can go very far)Note: it’s best to use seekers or RF’s for this.
This is a very common sight on online games. Use your bouncers to “drill” through walls. You can do this by running and shooting at the wall you want to drill through.
FireWall(a real one)
As you would have guessed, we use fire for this move. When you’re in a quite small passage, maybe 4-5 tiles high, jump up and down whil shooting fire. This makes some kind of “wall” consisting of the flames of your toaster. A very deadly way of attacking, actually. It’s best to use powered up fire for this, since it sticks to the scenery.
When you’re near an opponent, you can run at him at full speed, and jump right over him. Whil you’re in the air, use seekers to shoot at him. When performed well, this move makes seekers come from every side on the ennemy, causing him to get hit whatever he does.
Air Attack
When airboards are available in the level, use them among with bouncers. When you’re high in the sky, start shooting your bouncers. They will fall on the opponents below you. It’s very hard to evade this attack, when it’s performed well. Hint: you can use this in Battle3, above the seek power up.
Fire and Forget
This one’s my favoite. When your about to enter a big fight, go a bit to the side, and run at full speed into the danger zone, while shooting like an idiot. This is the best way to enter a tough fight, cuz the fact of you running causes your ammo to go very fast and far, and it’s nearly impoosible to evade them. Note: it’s best to use RF’s for this move, bacause of the speed and the noise they make when exploding. Yes, the loud noise of RF’s can cause your opponents to get stressed.
Also a quite coomon sight, and not that new. Run after your opponents while shooting at them. Nothing special. But the hint here’s that you must never use seekers or RF’s for this. Always use the blaster, electroblaster or bouncers.
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Waz on April 07, 2003 04:00

Oops! I see I made a few grammatical mistakes. But, I don’t want to edit it all just for that… I’m too lazy. Na!

Blackraptor on April 07, 2003 04:00

I especially love using some of the strategies mentioned here, such as jumping over my opponent while firing a fury of seekers and stuff. I’d have never known RF’s could go that far….

Violet CLM on April 07, 2003 04:00

Actually, for Chase I’d recommend RF or Pepper Spray (preferrably pepper spray).

American on April 08, 2003 04:00

When running in an open area (like in a chase situation), RFs do not throw you back.

Waz on April 08, 2003 04:00

About the chase: shouldn’t use RF’s. The explosions can push you back.

Range of RF’s: yeah, it’s kinda far indeed. I once tested the range of all the weapons in a sraight level, with a second player at a certain position, to see where the ammo ends.

Waz on April 09, 2003 04:00

Trafton made a point there. But when NOT running in open areas, you should not use RF’s.

DoubleGJ on April 18, 2003 04:00

And if you don’t see sun outside, it’s night. :) I knew most of this stuff, but some I didn’t. Will you let me to add them to my tactic list on my website?

Waz on April 25, 2003 04:00


White Rabbit on May 17, 2003 04:00

Great article, but most of us already know them.

Thomas on November 05, 2006 18:50

I was think \“duh\” in 2 diffent ways. (like I alredy know that and like why did\‘nt I think of that.)

Shrooblord on September 07, 2008 13:24

Some of these sound really mean! Like, vicious T-Rex attack meanness. I didn`t know it was possible to do some of these. Also, I didn`t know that TNT catches enemy attacks for you.
Very helpful indeed!