Here is a part of the IRC Chat Log that happend at 9 April 2003 at the 5th Anniversary Bash.
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[04:42:24] <+Trafton> CliffyB Viewing Thread Buy Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Junk! and laughing. Laughing so manically. Laughing at the fools. Ha ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahaha. 07:33 PM
[04:42:34] * +Trafton freezes.
[04:42:36] <+Trafton> Hello.
[04:42:39] <+CliffyB_Epic> hey guys
[04:42:44] <@SlaYo> Maybe he’s not laughing
[04:42:47] <@SlaYo> Hello
[04:42:49] <@[GpW]ShadoW> alo
[04:42:49] <+defalcon> erm, hello
[04:42:49] <@Spaztic> Hi.
[04:42:58] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> ‘ello
[04:43:01] * [GpW]ShadoW sets mode: +o CliffyB_Epic
[04:43:01] <@CliffyB_Epic> ask me anything
[04:43:06] <@[GpW]ShadoW> stunned
[04:43:11] <+defalcon> how come you bought Ed Duke Cox’s maps? :P
[04:43:20] <@CliffyB_Epic> cuz they’re good!
[04:43:39] <@CliffyB_Epic> and if you talk to him tell him to drop Jim scion a line ASAP<br /> [04:43:43] <[GpW]ShadoW> CliffyB_Epic: Jazz2 is 5 how ya feel that there are still gamers here
[04:43:49] <+defalcon> okay..
[04:43:54] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> lol
[04:44:04] <@CliffyB_Epic> I’m glad. You’re not all furries are you?
[04:44:05] <+Trafton> Hey, Sal.
[04:44:10] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> Cliffy, how about you see us more often
[04:44:12] <+Trafton> …No. Not last time I checked at least.
[04:44:15] <@Spaztic> Haha
[04:44:21] <@SlaYo> No, i shave
[04:44:27] <@CliffyB_Epic> I’d visit more often if we had a Jazz project that’s active.
[04:44:34] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> I see…
[04:44:39] <@Spaztic> =/
[04:44:49] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> well, we hang out here… and talk about… everything but jazz it seems
[04:44:52] <@Spaztic> Understandable, though.
[04:44:52] <@SlaYo> Hi Sal
[04:44:55] <@CliffyB_Epic> noogy and I are working on some stuff but it’s super early.
[04:44:57] <+sAlLAmAnDeR> Hello.
[04:45:03] <@CliffyB_Epic> just ideas now.
[04:45:08] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> so, how badly did the GBA bomb?
[04:45:10] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> Spaztic talks about… stuff… and slayo talks about… his exploits of… ya… and….
[04:45:12] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> stuffness
[04:45:17] <@[GpW]ShadoW> CliffyB_Epic: No am RTCW/Ut2k3 insta gib dude
[04:45:18] <+Trafton> How did JJGBA do? I’ve been wondering.
[04:45:19] <+defalcon> lol, nice and blunt, Bobt
[04:45:24] <@CliffyB_Epic> didn’t see any of the numbers for the GBA game
[04:45:34] <+Trafton> Then I would assume they aren’t good. =P
[04:45:40] <+TheChosenOne> haha, its not in stores around here
[04:45:40] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> ah, well it can’t be good, releasing it a day before Christmas like they did
[04:45:42] <@CliffyB_Epic> never expected to make millions from it
[04:45:42] <@SlaYo> You probably wouldnt want to see them anyway
[04:45:43] <+TheChosenOne> nor has it been =P
[04:45:56] <@Spaztic> Is it illegal to put Jazz or Spaz in a fan game?
[04:45:57] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> they had problems with Jaleco
[04:46:00] <+defalcon> don’t think it’s sold here either
[04:46:16] <@[GpW]ShadoW> Europe never saw the game
[04:46:31] <+defalcon> nor Australia afaik
[04:46:35] <@SlaYo> Everybody was talking really bad about you before you entered
[04:46:58] <@[GpW]ShadoW> CliffyB_Epic: still got contact with the old dudes?
[04:47:03] <@[GpW]ShadoW> Arjan etc
[04:47:20] <@CliffyB_Epic> haven’t talked to arjan for a while or nick
[04:47:26] <@CliffyB_Epic> just me and dean lately
[04:47:33] <@[GpW]ShadoW> he’s still on ICQ some now and then
[04:47:41] <@CliffyB_Epic> Slayo: Yeah people got some (-) to say? Say it to my face then.
[04:47:41] <+Trafton> I must say it is surprising to see you here. =
[04:47:42] <@[GpW]ShadoW> visted the chap at LostBoys 2 times
[04:47:42] <@SlaYo> What are you working on, if i may ask?
[04:47:42] <+Trafton> =P*
[04:47:50] <@SlaYo> Thats right Clif
[04:47:52] <+Trafton> Hey, UR.
[04:47:55] <+Unknown_Rabbit> Hello.
[04:48:03] <@[GpW]ShadoW> SlaYo: [04:47:42] <@SlaYo> What are you working on, if i may ask? <_ that never works :P
[04:48:18] <@Spaztic> “He browses, laughing at us scornfully. He hisses betwixed his jagged Unreal teeth”
[04:48:18] <+Trafton> That never works. Nondisclosure agreements.
[04:48:30] * Altimit (~crono2k@ has joined #jj2
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[04:48:33] <@CliffyB_Epic> well (-) I already alluded to noogy and I collaberating
[04:48:34] <+defalcon> well considering some of Ed’s maps were bought, I’m thinking possible ut map pack? :P
[04:48:48] <@CliffyB_Epic> more unreal stuff is a no brainer somewhere down the line
[04:48:57] <@CliffyB_Epic> and some other new shiznit
[04:49:02] <+Trafton> Of course. Unreal makes quite a lot of money, I’d say.
[04:49:03] <+defalcon> UWarefare?
[04:49:03] <+TheChosenOne> like?
[04:49:21] <@[GpW]ShadoW> CliffyB_Epic: OGL or CPL?
[04:49:46] <@CliffyB_Epic> anyone who follows us up can figure it out
[04:49:57] * +Trafton sits in the corner, not being UT-obsessed.
[04:50:05] <+defalcon> they did the winter CPL already, Shad
[04:50:05] * SlaYo joins Trafton<br /> [04:50:13] <+Trafton> Pickle, SlaYo?<br /> [04:50:14] <[GpW]ShadoW> defalcon: yeah but dropted the game..
[04:50:17] <@SlaYo> Sure pal
[04:50:20] * +sAlLAmAnDeR slaps Trafton.
[04:50:21] <+defalcon> ah
[04:50:27] * +sAlLAmAnDeR then joins him.
[04:50:27] <@SlaYo> Root beer, Trafton?
[04:50:31] <+Trafton> Sure.
[04:50:33] <@[GpW]ShadoW> defalcon: Angel Mourzsdfsdfs cant spell his name sux sometimes :P
[04:50:35] <+Trafton> Hi, Sal.
[04:51:08] <@CliffyB_Epic> understand that the platform market is DEAD now
[04:51:15] <+TheChosenOne> hah
[04:51:15] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> CliffyB: Is there any way we could get the old list server back, or have list.jazzjackrabbit forward traffic somewhere?
[04:51:18] <+Trafton> I’m not sure an illegal-to-distribute demo of a no where near unfinished game is good.
[04:51:19] <+defalcon> Yes indeedy. The screenshots were impressive considering it was an early Unreal engine build
[04:51:30] <@SlaYo> You could bring it to the Next-gen consoles Clif
[04:51:34] <+TheChosenOne> =D hah
[04:51:36] <@[GpW]ShadoW> defalcon: Just time will tell
[04:51:36] <@Spaztic> No
[04:51:37] <+Trafton> No where near unfinished. Choose one of the negatives in that phrase and remove it.
[04:51:40] <+Trafton> Hey, iCed.
[04:51:41] <@Spaztic> Don’t put Jazz on a console
[04:51:41] <@CliffyB_Epic> Slayo: Yeah, but those games aren’t selling well.
[04:51:43] * +defalcon slaps Slay with a large trout
[04:51:44] <@Spaztic> Hi iCeD
[04:51:46] <+defalcon> NO CONSOLES ;P
[04:51:50] <+TheChosenOne> wow, so the word of CliffyB being here gets all the JJ2 fans here =P
[04:51:52] <+iCeD> Interesting indeed.
[04:51:53] <@SlaYo> Better then nothing
[04:51:54] <+iCeD> Hey.
[04:52:01] <@[GpW]ShadoW> indeed
[04:52:07] <+Trafton> I agree with SlaYo on this one – it’s much better than nothing.
[04:52:08] <@CliffyB_Epic> Yeah, sorry, if Jazz comes back he’s coming for console first then pc or simultaneous – not pc first
[04:52:18] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> It would be so great to get the old list server back, people would not need list server patches
[04:52:25] <@Spaztic> Ack.
[04:52:33] <+defalcon> Simultaneous then. :P He was born a PC icon, he should still be a pc icon :P
[04:52:34] <+TheChosenOne> Go for Gamecube. Seems to atract the jazz audience
[04:52:36] <@Spaztic> Asked twice now =P
[04:52:38] <+iCeD> Jazz not on PC first? that sucks
[04:52:40] <+Trafton> Well, Cliff…it’s true that the platformer market is dead, but Jazz is a character that could start a franchise. It’s family-friendly but he’s still the “hero” stereotype.
[04:52:46] <+iCeD> Jazz always struck me as the icon of the PC.
[04:52:51] <+TheChosenOne> bah, he’s a green rabbit.
[04:53:06] <+Trafton> I know that it wouldn’t be a platform game, but as a character he could be a good franchise. I mean, if a plumber works, Hell, anything.
[04:53:12] <@CliffyB_Epic> Yeah, guys, Jazz 1 and 2 never really sold very well you know.
[04:53:13] <@Spaztic> Jazz3 would most certainly be 3D whether we like it or not
[04:53:23] <@Spaztic> I thought Jazz1 did
[04:53:24] <+defalcon> didn’t JJ1 get platformer of the year?
[04:53:25] <@SlaYo> Cliffy, if there will be a jazz, make it a gamecube exclusive just to (-) the other people in here off
[04:53:29] <@Spaztic> Everyone knows Jazz 2 didn’t
[04:53:32] <@[GpW]ShadoW> jj1 is 3d so notthing changes
[04:53:43] <@CliffyB_Epic> jj1 made me a bit of money and epic only because we sold it directly.
[04:54:03] <+iCeD> I thought JJ2 sold like a million copies.
[04:54:06] <+Bobby_aka_Dizzy> ah, but it also made your name as a company too
[04:54:07] <@CliffyB_Epic> it helped me move out of my moms into a 500$ a month apartment with a 10,000$ 1991 Saturn
[04:54:08] <@Spaztic> But Jazz2 was a real marketing flop, so a platformer would be out of the question
[04:54:12] <+iCeD> At least, I remember reading that on J2C
[04:57:35] <+[GpW]BeAuMaN> now i like CliffyB better than ever, we think alike, heh
[04:57:35] <@SlaYo> Questions that have to do with jj3
[04:57:58] <@[GpW]ShadoW> [GpW]BeAuMaN: hes the onlyone that makes time to check out IRC and site at all
[04:58:04] <@[GpW]ShadoW> that brings me respect
[04:58:54] <@CliffyB_Epic> gotta go guys
[04:58:55] * CliffyB_Epic ( Quit (Leaving)


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yay fun whee =)

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