So, First the best way to learn for editing Levels is to make first a race game; You`fe just to made the layers, springs and some ammo.
Tip Using a tileset with different up`s and down`s;
The second level will be a Gem hunting one. You have to insert Gemz (Best is 150 to 200) and learn to make way`s which will stering you to the start of each selfes..(Very good for Hard Single player levels! See in MEZ`s Queen of board..)
The third level you made can be a CTF (Capture the Flag) or a battle level; Insert ammos hidden way`s (Using Layer 3) and (in CTF) the flag base..
Then you can make Single player levels;
Insert enemies endbosses food ammo and all things you can find in the Event list. The best single player level is the one which isn`t to hard and to easy; there must be places where you must think to find the right way and there must be used the Event`s for using Easy, Medium and Hard Mode. Besides Multiplayer (Internet, Cooparation mode…) If you do this I`m telling you here you`re (I Think) on your way to be a good Level Editor…


American on May 10, 2003 04:00

While well-intended, the article seems a tad bit generic. Where would these items be placed? How many of them? Would 150 to 200 gems in one area make sense?

Mike on August 21, 2003 04:00

Well, good idea…
I write this here because i couldn’t, of some reason, post this on jcf: How do you actually upload zip files on j2o?