Multiple Warp Targets:
First, lets go over how a warp chooses which target to choose first, and then second etc. The warp chooses which order they go by, firstly, their y co-ordinate. The target that is highest (Lowest y co-ord) will be choosen first. Now you’re probably wondering “What if 2 have the same y co-ord?” Well, then it goes by x co-ord. The target furthest left (Lowest x co-ord) will be
choosen first. So that is how it chooses it’s order. Now for the second target, it does the exact same thing, but excludes the first one.
Now comes the weird part. If you have a level that has multiple multiple warp targets (If that makes sense) then their patterns may go strange. What I mean by multiple multiple warp targets is that they have atleast 2 different sets of multiple warp targets, and they each set has a different ID. Now here is how it works. Lets use the above method (Describing how a warp chooses the target order) and give each target a number. Do this for all the sets.
Set 1:
Set 2:

Now, the numbers are numbered targets, Ws are warps, and -s are blanks. Now lets say you went into Set 1 W. You’ll go to Target 1. But what if you go into Set 2 W AFTER going into SET 1 W? Well, the answer is that you’ll go to target 2. This is because JJ2 doesn’t differentiate between 2 sets. Thus if you cycle to the next target in one, it will cycle to the next target in all the others. And another strange aspect of this is that if you go into a warp with only 1 target it will not cycle the targets. This is strange, I know, but that is the way JJ2 handles it. Is this useful? Possibly. It can be used to make a fairly good randomizer. It can also be used to make a good substitute for the Jail2 System (Which BlurredD submitted to the Science Fair)

Now, you see that you start off in a small room. You then hit a warp (Which has multiple targets, 2 to be precise), which takes you to target 1 (It has a smaller y co ord) which is in the main box. You then die, and go through the same tube, and hit the same warp, but as we know, this time it’ll cycle to the next target, which takes you to another tube. In this tube you capture the flag and score, and then hit another warp with multiple targets ( both being in the main box). This then cycles the warp targets for the level. This means that next time you die, and hit that warp, you will warp back into that tube, because it’s exit warp cycled the targets, so really, they keep cycling each other.


Spotty on June 20, 2003 04:00

JCS will never be simple again ;P. Good job in the article it is well written. Although people without jcs experience will probably not understand it.

Blackraptor on June 20, 2003 04:00

Yay, this will probably help some people, great article!

American on June 22, 2003 04:00

A very well-written article on a JCS trick that is far too little-known.

Waz on June 23, 2003 04:00

I believe almost evryone knew this, but good article anyways.

Hmm… in the pic you misplaced a warp target. You’ll get stuck in the one above the sucker tube. Never put a warp target against a left wall and the ceilling.

URJazz on June 24, 2003 04:00

Weird. I never knew this. I knew a bit about this, but not all of this until I actually went to test it. Oh, and that warp target isn’t misplaced. You’ll never warp to that warp target.

the real one Bjarni on July 03, 2003 04:00

Eh, I donĀ“t understand word of this article!

Lark on August 03, 2003 04:00

Don’t worry, Bjarni… it’s confusing for all people. URJazz is just simply amazing with advanced JCS stuff.

Thomas on September 25, 2006 16:59

Makes me wish that you can chose beween cyleing and random!

Elias FF on April 19, 2007 15:03

I was wondering why I wasn\‘t able to cycle between the warp points in my level. Now I know. Thanks for the info!