Some basic advice for J2O Newcomers (who are all welcome, of course!).

- DO NOT flame people in reviews. Try to be as fair and objective as possible!

It doesnt matter WHO made a certain level (if its your friend or not),

the only thing that matters is the quality.

- DO NOT use the reviews page as a discussion forum or for comments.

If you really have more to say, edit your review and edit your

author’s description!

- Please write only ONE REViEW per upload (see above).

- Always use the re-upload/edit info function to correct mistakes like uploading

a wrong version or level bugs.

- Always include a small readme text file that includes basic information

about your upload (who made the tileset? who made the music? always give

credits if you include files made by other people!).

It is important to mention if the tileset was made by you or someone else

(because it could affect your rating!).

- DO NOT upload non-Jazz-related stuff! It will be deleted anyways.

- DO NOT rate things like the original Jazz1 music or a patch for Jazz1

made by other people.

- Don’t bother the public with real bad levels or tilesets. You have to work

at least 10 hours on a good level/tileset (except your name is Disguise,

of course). Beta-test your levels online or by showing to your friends

BEFORE you publish it at J2O.

- ALWAYS include custom tilesets (except the MEZ tilesets) and the

custom music (if there is any) in your ZiP archive. Others may not

have those tilesets or other versions of it.

- DO NOT use ASCII characters in user- and filenames.

- DO NOT name your levels “battle1.j2l”. Simply make unique names

so that people with a large level collection don’t have to

overwrite other files.

- ALWAYS include single player start positions in your levels so that

the reviewers can test them offline.

- DO NOT create multiple usernames for one person if possible.

It is confusing and costs J2O webspace.

- If you want to post levels or tilesets or something else made by

someone else (your friend or whoever) make him or her AN OWN username

with an own password.


Stay clean, guys. Thanks.
Aiko (“J2O rocks!”).

I may add something to this list anytime. And i would really re-commend this list of points to all newcomers as a MUST-READ. To make J2O even better! :-)


CannibalBob on May 02, 2001 06:00

that’s a lot of stuff. I mostly follow it. Just another thing to note, if you’re
uploading a new version of an old tileset, make it work with levels using the
old tileset or re-release the old level so it works. Label the new tilesets
“1.1” or “tilesetnameB” or whatever. it makes everyone happier!

ShadowGPW on May 02, 2001 06:00

Reminds me of the Mystic Legends standards somehow ;)

(Duplication post deletion edit. -Trafton)

√úrbanMenace on May 02, 2001 06:00


FQuist on May 11, 2001 06:00

Very good list.. I may even consider some of these to get rules..

One thing: “- DO NOT create multiple usernames for one person if possible.
It is confusing and costs J2O webspace. “

A username only takes a few kb, but you are right, do not do this.

Super Saiyan on March 14, 2002 06:00

Great talking but now wait until those newcomers gonna read this. :D

Blackraptor on January 02, 2003 06:00

Ive worked 3 hours on something (One hour perday) and it received a 6.9.
Ive already proven you wrong Aiko }>

Violet CLM on September 26, 2003 06:00

Quite an accomplishment. Two years later, you have proven him wrong. Already.

Iva on September 27, 2003 06:00

This is really helpful, although I already realise it.

scared about my rating

Sacrush on November 14, 2003 06:00

Well about that Friend thing about giving him a own account is not smart
NOW Trafton thinks i am him and i almost get banned.