Welcome to this Jazz2online FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”.), this kind of “guide” should help you get used more to this web site. If you have unanwsered questions, please ask them by sending me either a PM (“Private Message”.) or add a Comment (Look in bottom of the page, and you will find a user panel to add Comments.).
If you don’t know what Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is, I suggest you read this article for a start.
http://www.iespana.es/albertocastillo2001/FAQ.htm />
Q: What is Jazz2Online?
A: Jazz2Online is a site hosted for the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community (Read more about Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on
Http://www.jazzjackrabbit.com/). It serves the community with uploading files for downloading, hosting of community member pictures, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tournaments (Also known as “JDC”, Jazz Duelist’s Challenge), Jazz Jackrabbit 2 FAQ, and Jazz Community Forums.
Q: Where can I find the news?
A: On the starting page (Http://www.jazz2online.com), or by clicking Home in the top bar. You will find news posted by site administators, user online list (showing which users on Jazz2online who is logged in), a Did You Know? tip, a poll, and the Top-5 Most Downloaded Files.
Q: How do I sign up for an account on Jazz2Online and log in?
A: Search for Sign Up in the middle of the top bar. Press this link to continue to a page asking for infomation. Fill all the Required Fields out and sign up by click the Sign Me Up! buttom. If you wrote too much wrong, you can press the Reset! buttom for reset all fields. Once this is done you will continue to an almost black and empty page. Now go back to Http://www.jazz2online.com/, and press the Log In left to the Sign Up link in the top bar. Type in your user name and password, and click the Log In buttom to continue. Check “Remember me for a year” if you want the website to auto-log in you each time you browse the page (Note, this requres Cookies.).
Q: How can I read and send private messages?
For this, you must enter your Private Message Center. You must be logged in for do this, if you aren’t, read the previous question to find out how to log in. Go to the main page, by click the (Home) link in the top bar or go to Http://www.jazz2online.com. In the top bar, in the middle, find the (private msgs center) link. Press it for continue to your Private Message Center.
You should now get a list of all private messages you got. In the bottom of the page, there’s a scroll bar. Scroll to Outbox and click Go for see all messages you sent to other people.
Send a Private Message by click “Send a private message” in the top bar. In the Private Message, select a user to send to. Type a subject in the “Subject:” textbar. Type in your message in the text area, and press Submit for send your message.
Easy, right?
Q: What about the image bottoms in the top bar? When will they be finished?
Those will hopefully be made in the next version of Jazz2Online.
Q: Where, and How, can I download or upload my own files?
A: In the download section, which you fill find by clicking the Downloads link in the top-bar. If you noticed, there have now been added an extra line in the top bar, containing a “Submit file”, “Search downloads”, and “Random file” link. On the page you will find another bar alowing you to sorter downloads, and the list of downloads. Press the (Expand) for view the full list with all pages attached in small numbers found in the bottom of the page.
Submitting a file to Jazz2Online’s download section:
Start press the Submit File link in the top bar. Your browser will now lead you to a log-in page. Over the log in panel you will find several guide lines explaining the rules and limits for uploading.
1. Your upload has to be jazz-related. (We don’t want you to upload homework. Post your family pictures in the picture section.)
2. No music files except if they are remixes of jazz songs or if they belong to a levelpack. (As in, the pack uses the music and you upload it seperately, if you are the author.)
3. No programs that make you able to cheat. (Like Megawarp, who alows you warp any place in an online Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game.)
4. No Warez. (Illigal programs, or uploading games who is not freeware.)
5. Please only upload finished things. No betas or demos.

Got the rules? Good. Now continue by enter your user name and password in the panel, and click the Submit Info buttom.
You will now continue to the Step 2 page, with a uploading panel. Use this panel to search your computer for a file to submit. You can only submit .zip files to Jazz2Online, and try keep the size under 3mb. Click the Upload Level buttom to continue.
You should be on the Step 3 page now, with another panel. This panel askes for severally uploading information. Fill it out and click the Submit Info.
Your download have been added! You can find it on the download page again.
Searching for downloads:
This fuction is mostly only usefull if you already know what download you are looking for, and want to find it quickly. Press the Search Downloads link in the top bar in the download section. You should now get a page with a panel containing a list over all members. Let’s say you are looking for a capture the flag level by Bobby_aka_Dizzy:
Search for levels by Bobby_aka_Dizzy
of which the name contains the following word(s): Jazz
Enter this and click the Search Bottom. You should now get a page listing Bobby_aka_Dizzy’s “Wonderland Jazz” level. Click on the name for download it quickly, click Here under More Info:.
You know succesfully searched for a level.
Random Searcing a file and downloading it.
It is very simply finding a random file from the uploads. Click the Random File link in the top bar at the download section. You will now automatic continue to a random page containing a download.
On the page there’s level infomation and reviews under it. I will return how to review a level next question.
The first board contains mutiple links, and should look like this:

Level info: Rating: 8.1

Levelname: Frozen Cave (move) (download) (edit info/re-upload) (Delete)

Author: Moonblaze (all levels by this author) (profile) (send private message)

Date uploaded: 08-02-03
Type: Single player
Other authors:
Size in kb: 124.49
Jj2 version: 1.23
Tileset used: Inferno
Number of downloads: 67
Number of reviews: 12
Average rating: 8.1
Author’s description:
I saw too many Alien movies.

The (Move), and (Delete) links can only be used by administators. Use the (Edit Info/Re-upload) to edit the infomation or reupload your own levels, you cannot do this on other peoples levels. Click (Download) for download the level.
Click the (All Levels By This Author) link for a complete list of all levels by the athour of the level. The list is like the one you got by Searching for Downloads. The (Profile) link, links you to the athours profile. Use the (Send Private Message) for send the athour a private message.
Sorting the Download List:
In the bar under the top bar, you’ll find a mini panel for sorting the Download List. There is two scroll bars, 2 checks, and one Go buttom.
Let’s say you want the best battle levels, but not for TSF:
View all All Battle downloads, sorted by Rating.
[X] 1.23 files only [ ] Show nr. of downloads.

Check the Show nr. of Downloads if you want to see how many people who downloaded that level. Now click the Go buttom.
If this article isen’t outdated, you should see “Blade\‘s Battle Pack” on the top of the list. Click the link for download the best Battle Pack Jazz2Online can offer!
Q: What is a review and how do I review a download?
A: A Review is a comment on a file, rating the file. For review a file, go to a More Info page on the download you want to review. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a panel. Fill in your use name and password, use the scroll bar to set a rating from 1-10 (Where 1 is the wrost, and 10 is the best.), and type your review in the text area. For a help on reviewing, read this article:
http://www.jazz2online.com/articles/view.php?id=12 />
Q: How can I see which games there’s online on Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on this site?
A: Find the (Games in Progress) link in the top bar. It will give you a list of all games online.
Q: What is the Customize link in the top bar?
A: A fuction to change the Jazz2online layout on your browser. It does not work, so don’t try.
Q: Where can I find Articles submitted to Jazz2Online?
A: By take the (Articles) link in the top bar. This will give you a complete list of all Articles submitted, sorted in 7 different groups.
Q: Where can I find Jazz Jackrabbit 2 links, sort them, and post my own?
A: Use the Links link in the top bar to get to the Links page. You will get a huge list of submitted links. Use the Sorting Bar like the one you did with in Downloads.
For submit a link, find “Submit Link” in the top bar. Click it to progress to the next page. You will get a new page with text fields, fill them out and click Add Link!.
Your link is now submitted!
Q: How can I see and post pictures/voices?
A: Go to the picture section by press the Pictures link in the top bar. There’s a list, with atleast 13 pages of pictures and voices of community members! Post your own by click Submit file. Make sure on you read the rules..
1. No adult or indecent pictures . Don’t overly edit them graphically, if you post an image of youself we want to know what you really look like.
2. Please keep the artwork to jj2 related things.
3. Try to keep the size no higher than around 300k, 500k is absolute max.
4. Sound files should only be of someone’s voice.
5. Maximum 4 file uploads.

Got those? Okay, submit your file by type in your usename and fill in the rest. Upload your file in the panel aswell. Make sure on you don’t use spaces or special characters such as ô, æ, or = in your picture or voice.
Once your done, click Submit Info to add your own Picture/Voice.
Q: Where can I find this JDC you told me about?
A: In the JDC section, find it by press the JDC link in the top bar. You can find all kind of JDC events on the forums by press the JDCE link in the top bar.
Q: Where are the forums? How do I use them?
Find the forums by use the Forums link in the top bar. If you don’t know how to use a forum, or what it is, read this FAQ:
http://www.jazz2online.com/jcf/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#faq_vb_user_maintain />
For a few more FAQ, check out this link:
http://www.jazz2online.com/articles/view.php?id=34 />
Sorry for spelling mistakes, but I got very tired of writting. Hope this helps new jazzers to understand the site.

(Filtered word replacement edit. Moonblaze did nothing wrong. -Trafton)


FQuist on August 06, 2003 06:00

Woah, great work. Thank you for making this.

Perhaps you could put in a few of the rules and tips for good reviews. :-)

DanYjel on August 06, 2003 06:00

Totally unusable. I think I AM NOT BEGINNER!!! Huh!!!
But, This is very, very funny!!!
MoonBlaze, if here is some beginner, he cannot get this article. Hahaha!!!

ScionFighter on August 12, 2003 06:00

If you aren’t a begginer, you should say that’s useful for those who starts exploring J2O. (FTR).

Nice article, Moon.

(Flame tag removal edit. -Trafton)