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There are multiple ways to help prevent lag. All it takes for most of them is to have cooperative players in the server.
The first reason is what I like to call “piles” of ammo. Take battle1 for example. If you look in the seeker area, people who camp there all ways end up breaking crates, and when given enough time, there are like 100 seekers on the ground, waiting to be picked up. This causes a major amount of lag. Another good example is the gun barrels in Security Breach v2.
The next reason is obvious. The host might have a slow connection, or might live far away. Naturally CelL would get less lag in Enigma’s servers than I would, because they both live in Europe. I live in the USA. Also, we’ll have to pick on Xion for this example. He has a slow, 56K modem, so you get high ping in his servers. I’ve had up to 10,000ms in his. For some reason, Becky’s 28k modem gets a lower ping time than Xion’s 56K does. A fast connection would be cable, or DSL. A super fast connection (like, 30ms quality), which is really, all most unheard of on JJ2, is T1. T2 would probably give about 20ms, and T3 would give… I don’t even know! A T1 server in UT2003 would probably still give about 100 ms, but since JJ2 is a simple game, and you can even have a pleasant match on a 56K server, the ping time in a T1 server would be amazing.
Another reason is toasters. They generate a lot of lag when shot continuously, especially when you have a lot of fastfire. If you use cheats to get extreme rapid fire, you can even crash a server like this. I’d imagine that electric and fire shields would also generate lag, because of their wonderful particle effects, and lighting. Nobody uses them, anyway, though, usually.
Another reason is having a large level, which is self explanatory. One that goes along with this is having a large amount of generating coins on the level. Hotel levels often face this problem, especially if the bank gives you the ability to recieve 250 – 500 coins. If there are TOO many coins, than sometimes you can’t even shoot.
There are other reasons, that I will list later. I just felt like writing an article because I was bored. ;p


Bobby aka Dizzy on August 14, 2003 04:00

Piles of ammo caused by weapon crates cannot be fixed by cooperative players. When crates with 15+ ammo or assorted weapons are broken the server does not detect when the ammo is picked up by players. However, it will continue to grow if the server does not visit the area and collect it. After a while may start to cause lag for the server.

Lark on August 14, 2003 04:00

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Lark on August 17, 2003 04:00

Do you have any idea why a lot of my article was cut off, Bobby?

Stijn on February 08, 2004 05:00

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Thomas on September 25, 2006 16:49

\“If there are TOO many coins, than sometimes you can\‘t even shoot.\” That is sort of right. The truth is if you have to many events al together you cant shoot. So also Big Gfoures area also have a proble with the bob crates nad all the distroiy blocks an what not!