List of Tilesets and their usement
There is list of tilesets and how much they’re used. You mustn’t make too much levels with overused tilesets and don’t ignore underused ones…
Castle : Normal
Carrottus : Overused
Labrat : Normal
Colon : Underused
Psych : Normal
Beach : Normal
Diamondus : Overused
Tube Electric : Overused
Medivo : Underused
Jungle : Underused
Inferno : Underused
censored Darn Nation : Underused
Easter : Normal
Haunted House : Underused
Town House : Normal
And something about custom tilesets – they’re VERY underused (like JJ1 conversions), except for MEZ01. You shouldn’t make levels with MEZ01. J2O is FILLED with junk like this.
Thanx for reading


American on October 31, 2003 05:00

An interesting topic. Probably more for a JCF topic, though. My opinions:

Castle : Very Overused
Carrottus : Extremely Overused
Labrat : Overused
Colon : Underused
Psych : Very Underused
Beach : Underused
Diamondus : Very Overused
Tube Electric : Very Overused
Medivo : Underused
Jungle : Average
Inferno : Underused
Darn Nation : Underused
Easter : This is just Carrotus, more or less.
Haunted House : Very Underused
Town House : Underused

DanYjel on October 31, 2003 05:00

Whole article will underused. Please don’t write lies.

Violet CLM on October 31, 2003 05:00

Don’t you hate it when people have bad usement? (Labrat isn’t overused? Since when?)

cooba on November 01, 2003 05:00

Trafton: Yes, you're right in some ones, especially Haunted House or Carrottus. I stupidly missed HH'98! And it's underused... What's your opinion? Violet: Maybe Labrat IS overused, but I’m searching Labrat levels and I find: Weirder Science, Loose Screws, Return of Birdland, Lost lab, Flying through, Razor’s battlehole, Fast roads, Battle Lab, Labrat down under… ow. It IS overused :)
@Danyel: Where are you talking about? :/

Lark on November 02, 2003 05:00

I agree with Trafton. And when you’re looking at levels made with a tileset to find out if they’re overused, don’t look at official ones.
This article isn’t the most useful.

Waz on November 02, 2003 05:00

The underused tilesets are probably underused because they’re the boring ones or the hard ones to use.

I personnaly hate psych, it takes much time to make a level with medivo, and Darn is just hard to use, for example.

Maybe the underused tilesets are only used from time to time by more experienced users, and the less experienced users prefer to start with esier tilesets. And since there are far more newbies than aces, the underused tilesets stay underused…hmm…
What I just said sounds pretty stupid.

cooba on November 02, 2003 05:00

Waz: I know that Medivo take much time to finish it, but it gives lot of satisfaction. The same thing with D*mn. However, lot of people can't wait to get ratings (for example myself), so they uses overused (easy to build) Carrottus and Diamondus. Also, they're NOT satisfacting ones. Projecting one of 169 Carrottus levels isn't fun. Labratkid: I said that any custom tilesets isn’t overused, expcet for MEZ. They’re too much custom tilesets to present, but I know that really underused is Hell’s Gate (looks familiar?), JJ1 conversions (like Industrius) and, of course, Thermal K.1(I am happy that it isn’t from you :> )

Stijn on November 03, 2003 05:00

Lots of level that use those tilesets are in packs, so I doubt you will find them by searching. For example, my “Surrealistic Stuff” also uses labrat and is inside a pack. Harharhar. >)

DanYjel on November 03, 2003 05:00


Castle : Extremely Overused

Carrottus : Splendidly Overused

Labrat : Overused

Colon : Average

Psych : Very Underused

Beach : Average

Diamondus : Extremely Overused

Tube Electric : 1024*1024*1024 Oh my God…

Medivo : Overused

Jungle : Overused

Inferno : Average

Darn Nation : Foo

Easter : FOO

Haunted House : Underused

Town House : Underused

So, FOO.


cooba on November 03, 2003 05:00

Fl@$h, you doubt it? I said that i found Weirder Science, (…) and Labrat down under. Only this so you shouldn’t have any doubts.

DanYjel on November 04, 2003 05:00

Everything foo.

cooba on November 04, 2003 05:00

Darn Nation FOO. Interesting >[

Violet CLM on November 04, 2003 05:00

I had no idea Tubelectric allowed you to make 3D landscapes. Could you demonstrate, Dany?

cooba on November 05, 2003 05:00

@Violet: If you must place the comment here, plz do it article-related >(

Stijn on November 07, 2003 05:00

Cooba: But you didn’t find my labrat level. Hehehehaha >)


Blackraptor on November 07, 2003 05:00

My opinion, which is very well done and thoughtful:

castle: Very underused
Carrotus: VERY Underused
Labrat: Average
Colon: Overused
Psych: Very OVerused
Beach: I blame Trafton.
Diamondus: Average
Tubelectric: Surely Danyjel has discovered the ability of 3D landscape making with this tileset, that was one of the greatest mysteries in jj2 that I thought surely nobody will solve. But alas, the secret has spilled, Tubelectric is indeed capable of being used to create 3D landscapes which enable 3D play in a 3D world filled with 3D objects, but sadly the enemies are still 2D and look like they’ve been pasted on cardboard. I demand a “Tubelectric levels” column to be added to the jj2 downloads section, since this magnificent discovery simply cannot be ignored. Back to the topic:
Medivo: Overused
The place where bad rabbits go once they ded: Average
The place even deeper than that: Overused
The rest: I dont haev TSF =(((((((999999salesmen4535r=(

I’m sure you will all agree with my splendid spell-checked precise correct amazing brilliant post.

(Horizontal scrollbar removal edit. Don’t do this again. ~Violet)

DanYjel on November 10, 2003 05:00

Violet, I can demonstrate it right now. It’s easy.
Accessories: Internet, computer, keyboard or mouse.


Sacrush on April 23, 2004 04:00

i have now a level with inferno.