Okey the new bosses i found ar very very easy to make ( and to find). everybody knows mce’s, you must do pulze light, and then you must putt the number of the boss in the speed of the pulze light and then spring ( blue ) and belt, you know mce’s. look at the links of j2O for overlord’s site, you can see howto create mce’s. but whan thingie before you putt to’s bosses in YOR levels! if you do what i am now saying yor level will crash. you must putt somewhere ( in the level ) a bubba boss for the acces violation protector. i have found many bosses.
~The jazzy clone bossy ( can only destroyd with TNT )
~Strangey tuff ( does’t works only 5 sec.)
~Bubba strange ( does’t works only 5 sec.)
~the old jazz boss ( devan, its in SXR OLD)
~The block boss ( the Ultrus boss, can only destroyd with TNT )
Mayby ther ar more, that i did’t found.
you can use enimies!
you know the cristmas trurtle?
putt that number in the pulze light, than ther will come a jazz up. destory him… and ther will come standing: Jazz jackrabbit 2.
Thats it. tell me if you found more.


Ðx on November 07, 2003 05:00

good luck with making them :D!

Lark on November 08, 2003 05:00

Why don’t you tell us what to put the pulze lights on in order to get them to work, rather than saying exactly what Overlord has found out?

American on November 08, 2003 05:00

You can, however, destroy it (points-wise, it still floats) with the laser shield. If you shoot the middle part with the laser shield, Jazzes fall off. This is just like the Uterus boss. In fact, all Jazz boss MCE’s behave just like the bosses, except slightly more glitchy and, instead of having the boss, they show the Jazz logo for the boss’s body, and Jazz sprites for anything that falls off the boss (in this case, Uterus’s crabs are Jazzes). The exceptions are Bilsy, which is actually just normal Bilsy behaving oddly, and Uterus, which has its own sprite for the MCE version (as you’ve seen here). Thanks to Violet with help on some of this.

007 on November 08, 2003 05:00

i dont wanna make new bosses Coz it sux

I only make with MC turtles in my hotel for pets

PHT on November 08, 2003 05:00

not a bad idea at all….now I know how Spaztic made the Jazz clones ;->
alltough the uteros block thingy doesn’t work because you CAN’T destroy it with TNT. it always reloads energy.
but not a bad article at all

cooba on November 12, 2003 05:00

Labratkid, just see event number boss (for example, if you want to place Jazz-Bolly, see number of Bolly and place this number into pulze light.

Ðx on November 17, 2003 05:00

try with some baddies.
i know a funny whan:

use a normal turtle thats funny.

Ps:You can putt EXTRA event ( in a acrate )
some baddies.

i have a funny whan:

196 jazzy clony

OM2004 on July 03, 2006 00:40

Ok, i figured it all out. You can create any object by typing in the event number. Easyest why to find evet # just select the object you want to create. Make it a generater, it will tell you the evet #, then copy the event number, and past it in the speed in the Pulse Light.

I also went through every boss, here is their #s and a brife discreption of what they do:

*Bilsy-114- Makes random letter Charecters. Only dies with bombs. Can\‘t damage.
*Bolly-235-Flying Jazz with a Jazz Chain. Only dies with bombs. Can only damage with Jazz Chain.
*Bubba-199-Bubba appers perfictly normale
*Devan Robot-201-Random letter charecters then vanishes. Will create robot boss as random charecters. Robot only dies with bombs. Can only damage you in fisrt few seconds.
*Robot-202-A moving/running jazz then random letter charecters. Will damage you untill turns into letters. Dies any way untill letters, then only with bombs. Will Regenerate.
*Devan Shell-200-You face a Jazz. Will die any way. Will hurt you in anyway. After transforming: Flying Jazz. Can\‘t damage you. Will die in any way.
*Queen-151-A Jazz untill vanishes. Can\‘t kill. Can\‘t damage you.
*Tuf-101-Jazz untill vanishes. Can\‘t damage you. Can only die with bombs.
*Tweedle-241-Never appires(like usell). Can damage you. Can die anyway.
*Uterus-195-Appires as static, and has 5 shields. Only Shields can harm you. Can only die with bombs. Will Regenerate.
*XMas Bilsy-247- No glitch.
** If you do this enough you learn that Jazz on Board means the unit is flying. So when you freeze Glitched Tweedle, you see Jazz on Board. This means that if Tweedle was a normale boss, he would be a flying one!!

Valco on February 16, 2008 01:22

This is what your article is compared to an article about hacking:

It is possible to hack!!!\”

You gave us no useful information.