This is a interview about Jungle rabbit episode!!!!!

Dx: How much levels are there?

Satan: There are 22 levels plus a secret bonus level.

Dx: What`s the story?

Satan: The story is that a strange cat from a other world build 5 bases to control the world and the cat maked all the animals crazy and mad.

Dx: Why did you build it?

Satan: I really like to make levels and I love to make episode`s.

Dx: Is it hard to play?

Satan: Well the most people find it a little bit to hard so i reuploaded it i removed the bugs and made it a little bit easyer.

Dx: How long did it take to build the episode?

Satan: I am not sure but i think 8 month`s.

Dx: What are your other episode`s?

Satan: I have two other episode`s the Toby episode and the Cartoon episode.

This was the interview!!!


American on November 12, 2003 06:00

While this interview is technically appropriate, it would be nice if there were more details and information about this. Perhaps a background story to inform readers exactly what the interview is about?