This article will be handy to you if you make a tileset and you don’t know how music really fits here.
1. Nature tileset : jungle.j2b, night2.s3m, M16a.mod, jdxdark.j2b

2.Lab-like tileset : labrat.j2b, tubelec.j2b or any other Tubelectric remix, song15.s3m, distort.mod, turbulen.s3m, explorat.s3m
3.Eeeeeeevil tileset : dang.j2b, hell.j2b, fire.s3m, nova.s3m, song2.s3m, gopa.s3m
4.Cold tileset : freeze.j2b, xmas2.s3m, song5.s3m, whare.j2b
5.City tileset : songcd1.s3m,, ccity12.j2b
6.Wet tileset : beach.j2b, water.j2b, songcd8.s3m
7.Dry tileset : songcd7.s3m,, camel.xm
8.Castle tileset : castle.j2b, medivo2.j2b, song17.s3m, digsh.s3m


JelZe on November 27, 2003 05:00

Somehow it’s… irrelevant? I don’t think people need help with deciding which music fits where.

We all have different opinions about music, different tastes. And you can’t influence that with some article.

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

P.S. Articles like this one belong belong in the JCF, but that’s my opinion. ;)

cooba on November 27, 2003 05:00

@JelZe:If somebody don’t like music placed here, doesn’t need to place it in level. It’s just for newbies that have only original .j2b files that they don’t like and ready tileset. Not for l33t level projectants that have over 100 music files (type for me – hahahah.)

JelZe on November 28, 2003 05:00

I’m sure those “newbies”, as you call them, can think off something. It isn’t the first time that an example level has music that doesn’t fit. Besides, they’re just examples, their only function is to show how to use a set and show it’s features.

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

Stijn on November 28, 2003 05:00

I have 350+ mods, but still I’m missing some of the custom songs listed there, which makes the article useless for me :P

Blackraptor on November 28, 2003 05:00

I have over 500 musics compatible with jj2. I think I might even have near/over 1000….

DoubleGJ on November 30, 2003 05:00

Cooba, could you send me turbulen.s3m, explorat.s3m, fire.s3m, nova.s3m and gopa.s3m? My e-mail is I’d like to enlarge my collection, which has over 500 tunes.

PHT on December 01, 2003 05:00

Well, not a bad idea, but I don’t have most of the files listed here. Also what about castlelike tilesets?

cooba on December 01, 2003 05:00

Sorry for guys that haven’t files that I’ve listed here. Night2.s3m is file that everyone probably have. M16a.mod come along QoB. Song*.s3m are available on Jazz Jackrabbit World (link’s on Daily Carrot). DX’s Temple Episode I includes fire.s3m, gopa.s3m come with Evil Clones of destroy, turbulen.s3m and explorat.s3m are in RHG:TF. Nova.s3m can be replaced with Pm_Nova.s3m. Sounds the same and also is hidden in RHG:TF.

ScionFighter on December 05, 2003 05:00

Exploration and Turbulence are in Lost Gemz II music pack, I think. Overall:

blurredd on December 06, 2003 05:00

Actually, neither of those songs are. I wouldn’t have liked them enough to use them.

ScionFighter on December 13, 2003 05:00

Um, sorry XD. I thought they are. Nah, I have so much tunes that I don’t know from where XD.

Jarno vos on January 30, 2005 08:33

Good One Cooba!

But I Not Have gopa.s3m

Krinya on October 21, 2007 00:13

You forgotten one tileset type:
Technical/Electric (Like Tube Electric and Top [|] Secret): Neve.s3m, bonus, paranor.mod(only just a little…)