My review:
1: The graphics:
Realy good, one of the nicest Gba games,
but some tilesets are stolen from Jj2,
Not many animation, and
the new tilesets are not very variatible.
But you will see, nice work jaleco entertanement,
but do more animations and variatible tilesets
the next time (Jjgba2).
2: The sound:
Good, but not the best,
and (aqain), not very varitible,
If you defeat a ememy, they make
good crying sounds ect.
O, and a nice shooting sound.
3: Multiplayer:
I have seen two modes:
Singlepak and multipak.
If you play on single pak,
you can play battle and
four (Cry) maps,
if you play on multi pack,
you have nine maps (or something),
and you can play Ctf (capture the flag),
but the Ctf multiplayer maps are
normal the single player maps (cry),
but only on the begin a flag,
ans on the end a flag,
and if you play the battle multiplayer maps,
you have the same single player levels,
but only without flags (cry).
Not realy good multiplayer Jaleco entertainement.
4: gameplay:
good, jazz can shoot in all the ways, nice wheapons,
but the flame trower is fastly empty, and
the big gun is not realy damagefully,
and there are to much enemy’s (cry),
and if your energy and your lives are
low, you get gameover and gameover,
that’s the biggest problem in the game (i think).
5: The story:
I don’t go tell the full good long story,
In one small line: Good story.

( and that is the best thing of the game).
6: Long\short:
The 24 levels are short,
i finished it in 1 hour and 30 minutes,
and the multiplayer maps are
the same as the single player maps (cry).
7: The rating:
I give it: a 6 of the 10.
and for Jazz fans a: 7 of the 10.
8: Buy it\don’t buy it:
Gamers: No.
Jazz fans: Yes.
Greetings from Rex.


Stijn on January 07, 2004 05:00

How can a multiplayer map be “short”?

Rex on January 08, 2004 05:00

Ok, small is the good word.

JelZe on January 20, 2004 05:00

Isn’t there already JJ GBA review on this site?

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

[edit: why yes there is: ]