you get sik of ugly devan? well here’s a very nice boss trick.
Place devan somewhere in the wall ( at the end of yor level wher you want the boss ) DONT USE ACTIVE BOSS!!!!!!! DONT! then place devan in the wall under you, and around him some TNT’S NO PICUPS ( dalay 1 ) then play the level ( you can make a ex-level * try out ^If you want ^ * ) then you will see the dragon ( devan ) he’s easy to beet. anyway just see it yorself.


cooba on January 24, 2004 06:00

Well, it’s about how to make Devil Devan appear without active boss event and fighting him in his turtle form. Quite interesting. But alas, death of Devil Devan ends the level, so we’ve not possibility to make leve filled by multiple Devil Devans and to make’em working like normal enemy. It works also with MCE Devil Devan. See Faw’s SCE.

PS : Faw is obssesed with his ideas. In his reply to Shiverz CC’s topic about JJ Advanced, he said that he want to see level inside living creature. Like “In the Center of Evil”. YaY.

Stijn on January 25, 2004 06:00

How about improving your English so I can actually understand what you mean.

Violet CLM on January 25, 2004 06:00

zzzzz…. something new, please?

sonictth on March 06, 2004 06:00

Next time, DX:
Look on your Grammar.