Im not sure if this is in the right catagory, or if this is even a real article, but i have a request;
Stop rating demo levels!!!! When someone posts a tileset, ive noticed that many reviewers rate the demo level instead of the tileset! It is only a demo level! Its only there to give you an example of what you can do with the tileset!

For example:
My tileset was “rated” 5, and i didn’t mind that, but when i read the reveiw, this is what it said:

Review by _____(_____) Rating: 5.0

“im not a Hotel Hater Im neutral
but i realy Dont like this lvl
The Design was Quite Bad
its Very Hard too move with jazz through the lvl
try to make it in a other Style
No Download Recommedation from me Sorry,”

See what i mean? the reviewer was rating the level! All he had to do was say that the level is hard to move around in, and that he wont rate the tileset until the demo level is finished, or something like that.

So please! Rate the tileset, and not the demo level!


EvilMike on July 29, 2001 04:00

I agree. That’s why I didn’t make a news post. It’s not really much of an article if you know what I mean.

Monolith on July 29, 2001 04:00

Perhaps this would have been better in a thread on the JCF..

Nitro on August 03, 2001 04:00

Ummm… why did you “censore” the name of Stiletto if we could VERY EASYLY find out who he was?

Ninja Dodo on September 02, 2001 04:00

Gargoyle, I couldn’t agree more.
Lately it has become a custom to rate the tileset based on everything but the tileset itself. If it isn’t no or a bad example level it’ll be lack of music that will cause your tileset’s rating to drop to zero.
I have no idea, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much we tileset-makers can do about it except cater to the whims of reviewers.
So, create an example level that is as non-annoying as possible and if you can, find some music that fit’s the tileset.
sigh :(

Ninja Dodo on September 02, 2001 04:00

btw You might be interested in reading the “a few words about reviews” by Aiko. A whole discussion about the same problem…

Disguise on October 15, 2001 04:00

There are three things in thw world that REALLY annoy me, and I mean REALLY annoy me. I’m talking about the kind of stuff that will make you break your room down just to cool down. These are:

1) Someone calling me when I’m in the middle of a brainstorm.

2) Slow internet.

3) When people rate the example levels of TILESETS!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Ohhh, I’m mad already. To think that someone would spend weeks (if not months) drawing a tileset, and then to just be nice to people, quickly makes an example level to show them how to use the set. Later on, only to find that people have ignored his weeks of work just to comment on a bad example level. That REALLY winds me up. As a matter of fact, so much, that I will make an example level for ANY tileset maker out there (if you want). If you’re being rated badly because of your example levels (which is VERY wrong), just ask me and I will make one for you.

Allow me to repeat myself:

Ninja Dodo on November 10, 2001 05:00

I’ve been saying the same thing all year. Nobody seems to care…
Some reviewers even want music to go with the example levels!

Bjarni Cool on April 18, 2002 04:00

Electropizza was rate exeple level. It is NOT PLAN! Electropizza: Exeple level is a exeple level!

Saphir on October 23, 2003 04:00

I’ve seen signs of this…
No one has ever rated my example levels, but the comments on the music… what more? A tileset upload should be rated by the tilset. Annoys me that even experienced raters take off poits for example level or music…
-No music -0.5, STOP IT!
May the rage of the admins curse the raters of example levels…

(The rage of the admins will edit your posts if you do not stop swearing. Content clearance. -Trafton)

blurredd on April 23, 2005 01:43

While reviewers rating example levels might\‘ve been a problem then, it doesn\‘t look like much a problem now (Trafton and Violet probably have something to do with that). Plus this isn\‘t an article as much as it is a complaint that would\‘ve been better suited for the JCF.