Remember this is at your own risk! It would be wise too backup!I am not totaly sure that this is the way to do this, but i goess an admin will delete it if it isnt the right way.:-)

Alright, here goes!
First, download a hex editor.

Step 1: Open the file: Jaz2.exe.
Step 2: Search for the string: Application Error.
Step 3: Delete this string.
Step 4: Save and start playing.

If this is done corectly, at points where you should normally get an Application eror- Acces violation( a eror in wich you first have to press enter about 80 times too close it ) you will instead just get one eror.

Tip! download a free hex editor at:


Skulg on August 05, 2001 04:00

Yeah, I really HATE these Acces Violations. I’ll try this.

- Skulg

(Abused context removal edit. -Trafton)

White Rabbit on August 09, 2001 04:00

I couldn’t do it, Windows said it couldn’t run it because it was an invalid format, and the file appears to bew corrupt. Luckily, I tock back up first. If this really works, I must’ve done something wrong but and I’ll try again sometimes.

Stilettø on September 06, 2001 04:00

Okay Dont Do this Cuz This Doesnt Work Just Use Overlord His Patch

Hawkin 87 on May 07, 2002 04:00

Runs around the room, arms up straight IT’S GONE!!! IT’S FINALLY GONE!!!! HOORAY!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! IT’S GONE!!!! Stops, realizes everyone is just staring ….. nevermind.

>>Møønblãzé<< on June 07, 2002 04:00

Um, censored? :P

American on August 13, 2002 04:00

This is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Just get the patch posted in the J2O downloads section, instead.

TheKax on November 13, 2010 18:23

Never had this problem… I\‘ve had violtaions, but not piles of… But nice if it is helpful.