we’ll go now right away to dx

Whats the name of your new episode?

Dx:The Fantasy Episode 1: The Dark Worlds

Why did you wanted to make this?

Dx:Because i like to make originally levels and story’s in
episode’s so i started with it a time ago

are people helping you?

no, NIEK said: I will make a tileset for you!
but he was just saying it.
he did’t make i think, he’s never online.

Lulu: why does it called the dark worlds?

because you will travel many worlds

Who’s the Main character?


Lulu: Does he have any helpers?




Lulu:is it true that some things are from the game
Lulu:kingdom hearts,the master piece of Squaresoft and Disney?

not really.

Lulu: Who will be the enemy?

ahum, ther ar i think many then just one. i wont tell,
Dx: i wont tell, it will be a surprise:p

Name an few characters from the game :

Jazz,devan,darkness,yocirith,eva,browser,metal sonic,
Zelda,lost vikings,termetor.


cooba on April 05, 2004 04:00



BTW, wasn’t that guy that said that he’ll make a tileset NOKA, not niek?

Ðx on April 05, 2004 04:00


Violet CLM on April 05, 2004 04:00

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While this interview is technically appropriate, it would be nice if there were more details and information about this. Perhaps a background story to inform readers exactly what the interview is about?

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Unless… the questions are put in bold and the names of the interviewers in the question made more clear, <b>this will be deleted.</b>

cooba on April 06, 2004 04:00

Lulu,plz place spaces after punctuation,and use letter I instead of i while saying about yourself

Dx, NOKA won’t back to JJ2, I think :(

Ask Flushguise, maybe he would help.

Lulu on April 06, 2004 04:00

Violet,plz dont delete,i’m looking now for more details

Ðx on April 06, 2004 04:00


NOKA said: I quit jj2 for a long time. so i asked NIEK but niek is lieing

Ðx on April 06, 2004 04:00

Ðx on April 06, 2004 04:00

I dont think so

wadledee on May 27, 2004 04:00

I allready started on the tileset Dx… You know… That mix from (.) and (.). It’s not really going fast, but I wont stop untill it’s finished! That episode is so… Cool! If I finish the tileset, you could make it finished!!

I told you more then 5 times: “It’s BOWSER, not BROWSER!” :)LoL(:

Jarno vos on July 16, 2005 17:43

How to get the fantasy episodes
EDIT : Noka is back