Interview with Yasco, Leader of the XSĐ Clan
I guess you dudes have all heard from the XSD Clan, the Xtreme Soldiers of Đarkness. And I also suppose that you know, Yasco aka RedSpazy aka GodZilla, who is the leader of this Dutch-Polish clan. In this interview you can hear more about him, about XSĐ, and other things in JJ2.
This interview has been taken by ChippieBW.
Bold = sentecens by ChippieBW
Normal = sentences by Yasco
Real Name: Yves Willems
Birth Date: September 16th, 1989
Nationality: Belgian
Nickname in the game: Yasco XSĐ
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Band: The Offspring
Favourite Movie: Scary Movie 3
What was the reason for you to go play Jazz Jack Rabbit 2?
I saw my neighbour playing this game , I thought it was fun and I bought the game. :P
Do we know your neighbour as any JJ2 player?
Yes , you all know him. He’s my clan mate and he’s even a XSD leader . I guess you know it’s FireBalL aka Pepperkid.
When did you started off being a clanleader?
Around June 2003, my first clan was RHSP: The Red Hot Spazy Peppers.
You’re not in RHSP anymore now.
No , RHSP merged with PPC into XSD when RHSP was 2/3 months old.
Was there a special reason for that merge?
Not really , but I think you all know that PPC and RHSP weren’t good clans. And I guess that merge was a good decision.
I guess you’re are right. Another question: what is the funniest thing about JJ2?
Hmm , there are many funny things about JJ2. I think the funniest thing is that everyone knows everyone in the game.
Did you ever had a really bad moment in the game?
Yes , with the beginning of RHSP. There was player (called SpyBunny) who hated RHSP. He always banned me or he said to others that I was a hacker or he said that I was cheating etc… He wanted to kill RHSP . He even hacked my pc once. That was a very bad moment for me in JJ2.
Then, what was the best moment you ever had in JJ2?
I guess now. XSD is growing up.
Do you create levels?
Sometimes I do. But my levels suck most of all. I’m making a test at the moment.
I heard something about a levelgroup called XLM. Can you tell more about it?
Yes, XLM stands for Xtreme Level Makers, and it’s a level group founded medium February 2004. We have a few semi-pro level makers, like Đx, DarkSonic, Satan, ChippieBW and me. I was leader of the group first, together with Chip, but DarkSonic took over my place recently. We made a few levels, and we also have a level contest and a level pack going on.
What is your favourite level, and why?
I have many favourite levels. But I think I like Happy Semiconductor CTF the most. And why? Because I’m a bit good in this level. FireBalL and me trained much in that level. Nobody beat us in a 2vs2 in semi yet.
You train a lot with FireBall, I guess.
Yes , we do. When I’m bored and there’s nothing to do at JJ2 , I call FB to play a game.
Okay. Now, what game modes do you hate?
I don’t really hate gamemodes, but I don’t like survivors.
Next, most nice person you met on JJ2? :P
Eh…I don’t know. In the summer holidays I met BunnyElmer. We planned a meeting with BunnyElmer, FireBalL and me. But it was cancelled. I also met you ;) and DarkSonic.
Nice to hear that :p. Next, what do you think will happen with XSÐ in the future?
I think it won’t be better than now… But that isn’t necessary. XSD is more than a clan which wants to win clan wars. There are nice persons in it and that’s also fun.
Any wars or merges planned?
No merges planned yet. We planned a clanwar with TF. But I don’t think this clanwar will be played in the near future.
Choose one of the two choices I give you!
Rock or Hiphop?
Newspaper or Magazine?
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
Britney, not?
Hitler or Stalin?
Nobody of these persons, but if I had to choose it would be Stalin.
Duel or JDC Event?
Jazz or Spaz?
TF or DM? (Eww… a nasty question that could have painful consequences!)

(Does not answer this question because of safety reasons. A wise choice)
Do you have any goal to reach in your JJ2 carreer?
My girst goal is to win that 4vs4 tournament… Later, I probably want to win a JDC Season, or end up with the best ten players.
Finally, do you have anything to say to the readers of this interview?
Yes , keep playing JJ2 and never give up. :p
Thank you for this interview.
No problem Mr. Niels.


Stijn on April 07, 2004 04:00

“A nasty question that could have painful consequences!”? Why? We won’t do evil things when you say you like DM better or something :P

Yasco aka GoDziLLa on April 07, 2004 04:00

no comment

Violet CLM on April 14, 2004 04:00

Nice formatting.

Lark on April 17, 2004 04:00

We don’t do anything when you say you like DM better. <s>But we’re not happy when you do.</s>

snzspeed on April 22, 2004 04:00

Nice interview.

Jarno vos on February 20, 2005 11:27