I wondered this myself a while. It’s not difficult, but the people who have
already tried to burn MOD’s, S3M’s, IT’s and XM’s by dragging
and dropping the files using Easy CD Creator for example, know it doesn’t
work that way. Well, it wasn’t very difficult to discover it, and actually
Ðx helped me witout knowing it, and you have to do the following:

1. Check your drive and software

If you use your computer for the greatest you can use him for, you know if
you have a cd-rom-drive or dvd-drive that can write cd’s. Make sure it
can write CD-R. If you use these, you have burning software, e.g. Easy CD Creator
or Nero Burning Rom. If you aren’t sure, ask someone who knows or check
the list with parts of your computer, and look for a manual or something about
a cd-burning-application.

2. Downloading MPT

You have to convert the songs to be able to burn them. Don’t worry, the
quality will remain the same. For converting, the easiest way is ModPlug Tracker,
which you can download at http://www.modplug.com/modplug/download.php3?session=&download=Tracker.
Unzip the zip file, and open the folder in which the files were extracted. Also
open the folder C:\Games\Jazz2\.

3. Converting files

Make a list of songs you’d like to convert. Write the file names down
on a piece of paper. Mind that MPT cannot convert J2B. Open Mptrack.exe, and
click the yellow folder sign (Open). Go to C:\Games\Jazz2\ and double-click
the file you’d like to convert. The file will open (Picture 1). Click
the menu ‘File’, and then click ‘Save as Wave…’.
(Even if you want to make an MP3-disc, don’t click ‘Save as MP3…’,
because the quality of MP3’s is lower if you convert from these file types.)
Give the file a name and click ‘Save’. A window will open (Picture
2). Leave the defaults and click ‘Convert’. The file will be converted
and normalized. Open the converted version and listen if it sounds OK. Repeat
this action for every song.

Note: The size of converted files will be enormous. It won’t be strange
if it is around 25 to 100 MB. Don’t worry. If an audio-cd is made, the
size in MB doesn’t matter, only the length in seconds does matter.

Picture 1

>Picture 2

4. Burning the CD

This is not something I should describe, because every cd-burning-application
is different. The most common used handle is drag&drop, that means your
click on a file, keep the mouse button pressed, drag it to the cd-burning-application
and let the mouse button go. Just burn the CD, with maybe some other songs and
test it in a stereo-set. It’ll work, you’ll see.

Note: if it doesn’t work, you have done something wrong while burning
the cd. The converting is OK.

5. Special step for MP3-discs

If you want to make an MP3-disc, you’ll have to burn a normal CD and
then copy the songs to your computer. Then open the start-menu, and click ‘Run…’.
Type ‘command’ (in XP and 2000 you can also use ‘cmd’),
and click OK. Go to the folder where the songs are stored using the following
commands: ‘cd ..’ for going one directory up, ‘cd
for going one directory down, ‘X:’ for going to another disk-drive,
diskette-drive, harddisk or removable drive where X stands for the letter of
the drive. Then type ‘copy .cda .mp3’
and press ENTER. Note: If you type the command, copy is the command, parameter
one is the name of the original file including extension (.cda), parameter two
is the filename of the file that will be spit out including extension (.mp3).
Try out the MP3 file before you burn. This doesn’t work always, but I
don’t know any other method.

Note: If you think it’s a better option to choose ‘Save as MP3…’
in step 3, you must check out the file size. You’ll just make it to get
8 MP3’s on one disc or something!

This was my method. I advise not to make MP3 discs, because it’ll cost
you much cd’s, and maybe the latest conversion won’t work.


ScionFighter on May 03, 2004 06:00

I’ve done it in other way. Just found an older WinAmp Player on one of my demo CDs and I’ve saved modules as waves on my hard drive. Otherways: very useful article.

Quotienta on May 05, 2004 06:00

sorry, a few words have fallen out when I was using > and < because of HTML, but I hope you understand. I’m not going to fix it, anyway…

Ðx on May 05, 2004 06:00

Nice article… I give it a 18.5 :P hmmm Long article and anyway dont send a PM to me because it sux when you send because me sux and you sux? got it? Anyway i see ya later at the phone :P:P=P=P

DoubleGJ on May 17, 2004 06:00

Well, I have already recorded myself 7 audio CDs full of mods. I’m about to record 8th one. Are there other freaks like me?

DanYjel on May 20, 2004 06:00

I am using NeoAudio to convert it to OGG and then I am listening it on my iriver iMP-400.
In NeoAudio it is impossible to convert something from module, but I was clever and I imported in_mod plugin and it was… I am really glad with NeoAudio, it is easy to use, it’s freeware, supports Winamp plugins, can rip CDs to any format, I am really recommend it. You just add files to convert and how you want convert it, with what encoder, in what quality (supports VBR), and you can encode it to almost all sound formats. Awesome. You can get it from <a href=“http://www.NeoNapster.com”>NeoNapster.com</a>. It is easy and not fooic.

sonictth on June 17, 2004 06:00

Creating Mp3`s needs the right dll files…

Quotienta on January 23, 2005 13:57

i am a real freak if it\‘s about burning jazz2 music cd\‘s i call my cd\‘s \‘Sampled Collection\’ I have 2 volumes both containing 24 numbers which in total is 160 minutes of only sampled music. My 3rd volume is going to contain songs from the game 1st go to Warkanoid II Wildlife by KraiSoft Entertainment. For everyone who has composed songs which are on my cd\‘s, I DIDN\‘T say I composed them myself. It only says \‘Collected by\’.

<font color=red><i>Comment by JSZ Jazz – Posted 05-17-2004 at 4:00am
Well, I have already recorded myself 7 audio CDs full of mods. I’m about to record 8th one. Are there other freaks like me?</i></font>

<font color=green><u> Yes, there are other freaks, like me. By the way, have you recorded those cd\‘s with my method or with your\‘s?</u></font>



mortalspaz on August 08, 2009 16:19

I tried it but sometimes… modules converted to MP3 sound like crap the quality being lost.. even in 44100 KHz CD Quality. Try converting “H e a t w a v e” to mp3 you’ll see what i mean.
Not that mp3 isn’t good but WAV is even better!
Or if you like recording…eg: I have GoldWave Editor and SB as a driver! Sounds Cool even recorded. Or try other converting programs. eg: Total Audio Coverter converts all sorts of music files! Even modules.