I’ve seen few people stating : “I tried to make a background, but it didn’t work”. This is why I made this article. (How this come anyone did not make it before)
Basically, movement of bg layers depends on numbers X and Y on layer properties. They say in how many tiles the bg will scroll after Jazz crosses one tile.
Example : You made few tiles on layer 5 and gave them X=0.5 Y=0.25 properties. By now, if Jazz crosses one tile horizontaly, layer 5 won’t move along with layer 4, but it’ll move only through half of tile (0.5 is half and always will be. Learn math.) With Y=0.30 property, the tile will move only through 0.30 of tile vertically, if Jazz jumps/falls.
Auto Speed don’t require Jazz moving, as it’ll move automatically.
Example : You gave our tiles on layer 5 AX=1 AY=0.5 properties. Therefore, they’ll move horizontally one tile per second and vertically half tile per second.
Still, those properties works on every layer (except 4), and remember, you can insert negative amount of numbers. Therefore, if layer 5 will have X=-1 property, and Jazz goes to left, the tile won’t go to right, but left. If Jazz will backtrack and go right, tile will move to right too. Same with Y property.
So, does it really seems that hard? Not. Until you are Voldard.
EDIT : Few changes in negative properties part as whole stuff with them was wrong.


Cazz NP on June 24, 2004 04:00

-2 comments…very weird.

cooba on June 24, 2004 04:00

This article has -2 COMMENTS. BE JEALOUS.

cooba on June 25, 2004 04:00

Layer 8 don’t move until it’s textured, though. (I claim first comment)

Violet CLM on June 25, 2004 04:00

They don’t work very well for layer 8, either. You might want to mention that, also how they work with textured backgrounds.

PHT on July 10, 2004 04:00

Useful article, tough there are some more things to explain I think. Well, layer 8 doesn’t move until it’s textured doesn’t matter very much for me because an untextured, but moving sky background would look messed I think. :)

Violet CLM on July 11, 2004 04:00

Who says layer 8 has to be sky? You can put all sorts of stuff in it. I’ve seen lots of levels that would work better if you culd move layer 8.

PHT on July 12, 2004 04:00

ok, you’re right Violet :)