You could probably get better advice, but still, i will give it a shot. Some of the tips can be used for other level types like JB or assassination. Now i have been seeing people uploading so many levels that weren’t too good, or could be better, or even RUSHED… And lately people have been saying my latest levels own, even if they are unfinished or just need bits of editting to improve the level. I dont mean to show off, but i kind of want to help people, so that their newest levels can be played quite often, like those famous levels such as “Semi”.
Well here are some steps for help:

1) Always make a level with a tileset that is highly rated, or even use a bad one, but use it well if you do. I dont recommend using overused ones, because then at some point the tileset cant add anything more original.

2) Maybe use team triggers, but make sure the system of it is not bugged, so that you can also access the enemy one.

3) Make sure all places in the level have a point to going to, and don’t leave dead-ends, unless there is a powerup, but dont make the dead end go too far.

4) Make sure there is more than one way to both CTF bases. And also make sure there is no advantage to one team, and no advantage for the other. Also make sure level is not Jazz/Spaz biased.

5) Use suckertubes in dead-ends to make them seem better.

6) Use at least 2 powerups in a level, but dont exceed 5, though i think that is too much too. Also have carrots. Maybe 1 Full NRG, 1 +1 car for each team, or even just 2 +1 carrots.

7) Make sure you don’t put freezers or tnts in a level like CTF, unless you can freeze a spring to get something. Or there is TNT climb to get something.

8) Make sure your level has ways to annihilate campers, use turrets (NOT MCEs) or make the places that people want to camp in open so that people can run in with RFs or peppermints. Or maybe if you make a platform one way and shoot seekers through it.

9) Make sure that the level is NOT bugged with CTF bug, or or tilebugs or really easy to get stuck.

10) Make sure that your level has a solid layout and barely platformy, or maybe a little.

11) This is a must do. Make sure your level is tactical; Special jumps, RF climb, TNT climb, bouncers through walls, chasing and Electro blasters through walls to stop camping and other stuff.

12) This is also a must do. Get betatesters for a 2nd opinion, like making sure there everywhere in the level is useful. And also checking what to add, or remove.

13) Okay, make sure this level has original eyecandy. Maybe experiment with the tiles, make them move at speeds, make them translucent, try making all tiles used. Now make sure you have good pickup placement, and so that the level has places for RFs but make sure both bases have an equal access, but make sure they are easy to remember.

14) Now make sure your level has a good music file, good levelname, and good flow. After this get betatesters again to double check.

15) Okay, a final thing…
This part is making your level excellent, by putting something that puts the level apart from other levels, like a great eyecandy effect, or extremely tactical levels. Like in E-prime, BlurredD put lights going around the whole level. Make sure your level owns, get loads of betatesters for other opinions on what is good, and what should be added. This time when i say added, i mean making sure there isn’t too many passageways, or if the level is TOO open. Really, Layout is the most important thing. Gameplay is really important too, but gameplay is flow and more… Okay, i think you might want to do some parts your way. My advice isn’t perfect, or maybe not even good, but maybe you can get a lot better.

Okay… Now i am going to give level tips not steps, tips. I sound like an idiot don’t i? ;( Okay here we are:

- Maybe you can put team triggers. Make sure they are not bugged.
- Put 2-4 powerups in a level.
- Make sure you have a carrot. A full NRG, and 1 +1 carrot for each team. Or maybe, one full NRG for each team. Or maybe 2 +1 carrots. You can choose your own combination.
- Make sure your level has barely platformy, or however, but as long as it isn’t as platformy as possible.
- Make your level as tactical as possible.
- Make sure every part in your level is a place you would want to go. Or has a point to it.
- Don’t use bad ammo like freezers, and TNTs. Unless you can make a good use for it, then don’t use them.
- Make sure the level has good flow.
- Make sure your level is good not having powerups or carrots too close. Or even, CTF bases too close to a powerup, also make sure your level has a carrot in the middle of the bases, and in an equal places. Or unless it is team-access only, or +1 carrots near to the bases.
- Make sure the level has good ways to stop camping.
- Get (a) betatester(s).

Okay, im not in the mood to write too much more, but like i said, you can get better advice. I don’t think this was good, but think what you want, or ask others for better advice.


Ragnarok! on September 20, 2004 17:39

Why, when i post something, it NEVER comes out right on J2Ov2?

FQuist on September 20, 2004 23:19

Solution is to enable textile in edit article. Fixed.

blurredd on October 29, 2004 03:45

This may be a late response, but it\‘s better than nothing.

For one thing, the steps you mentioned aren\‘t really sequential steps as much as they are just tips with numbers next to them. And most of the tips at the bottom are just repeats of the steps from the top. I suggest referring to them all as tips and getting rid of the repetitiveness at the end. Also, this article should have focused a little more on the structure of a CTF level instead of just stating a few vague examples. It seems to explain how to make any type of level more than anything else.

Overall, it\‘s not that great of an article and I don\‘t agree with everything mentioned, but it could make the basis for something others could find useful.