This is JSZ Jazz with another tricky article! This time I will tell you step by step how to play cooperative mode in your Jazz2 shareware demo, if you can’t afford/find the full version and want to teamplay with your guest or family. This trick hasn’t been tested on the TSF demo, but you can try it too.

1. First off, launch the demo and select to play singleplayer. Choose the demo episode and any character. Now, pick the difficulty you want. Start the game.
2. As soon as the level starts, immeadietly tap [ESC] and save the gamestate. You can for example call the save “Coop”.
3. Now, go back to the main menu and select multiplayer (Party Mode). Choose local player splitscreen – the only choice is treasure hunt, so pick it. Customize your characters as you wish. Start the game.
4. Now, when the game loads, tap [ESC] again and select to load the game you saved earlier.
5. If you did everything right, the game will load with all your characters in place of the one from the savestate. You can now play the coop mode! It works just like the one in full version, I didn’t find any bugs.

Whenever you want to play coop in your shareware demo again, follow the instructions from point 3. Or… try to get the full version! =D


Olsen on November 16, 2004 19:16

Cool! although i dond need it.

Ñîçk ÐR on April 16, 2005 21:23


~[GpW]NinjA on August 05, 2005 23:58

Me and my brother did this in the shareware days, I found it out the first day I downloaded the JJ2 demo. :D