left:x speed= -10
right:x speed= 10
up:y speed= -10
down:y speed= 10


blurredd on October 30, 2004 01:22

I could only hope that this article isn’t finished. To be honest, this article says next to nothing about the usefulness of sucker tubes. While those five lines of text could be useful for a novice, it’s nothing that couldn’t be learned by trial and error, plus there’s so much more that could be written. But I am surprised that no one has ever bothered to write an article dedicated to sucker tubes before. I’m assuming you haven’t been around for too long, but maybe you could make a better article in time (like in about 3 years).

By the way, for the admins who read this, maybe the deleted articles should get their own section in the Unapproved Articles section, and all of the articles should list how many comments each have. But I doubt these changes will be implemented any time soon anyway.

Jarno vos on March 29, 2005 15:58

It\‘s not helpful
but i know before i readed this article \“HOW TO SUCKER TUBES\“I don\‘t like this article


~Jarno Vos

Elliot on July 06, 2005 00:23

This doesn\‘t say anything about sucker tubes besides how to make them go up, right, left, or down. It doesn\‘t say anything about sucker tubes, what they can be used for, why you should use them..

However, for someone who has barely even touched JCS, this could be mildly helpful.

Thomas on November 16, 2006 16:25

I think it is a litte helpfull helpful. (but them aging it I never get the derecton I wont the first time.) Also it not that I berliy touch JCS I just baelry touch sucker tubes.

Anubis on February 22, 2007 22:41

Is this supposed to have any meaning at all? We don\‘t need to know the speed of your tubes do we?