Bold = Jelco Galactaboy|
Ordinary = Dx

Hello Dx!
Hello Jelco.
I heard you started your own Level Making Group, why?
Well, at first I joined XDC, but after a few days I left, because Pyromanus and I had started another Level Making group. You’re wondering why? Pyro and I are working on a pack and also on something else, so we started “OLM”.
Does it has a site?
Ah, okay. Are you busy with any projects?
Yup. “The Tempel Episode 3” – “The Fantasy Episode 1” – and I can’t tell you the name of the third one.
Ah, 3 projects! Nothing more?
Yes, some levels (CTF/BATTLE/SP/GROUND FORCE).
I saw you hosting some Ground Force levels, but you didn’t upload them. Why?
I think they’re good, and I want to make a pack, but it’s going slowly.
And does TTE3 has a website?
No, sorry, but Ihave some previews! They are on the OLM site, and here’s a flash thingie:
They say that there is a curse in the temple which Jazz goes into, what kind of curse?
I cant answer that now.
They also say that A NEW VILLIAN AWAITS. Who is that?
I wont answer that.
I saw some info on a old site about TTE3, and there is something about “CASTLE SEEKER”. What is that? Is it in the temple?
Bah, ok, now I can tell you. Look, that curse will bring Jazz to Castle Seeker, and there will be some new villians. Just wait for it.( NO, NOT JJ2 BOSSES! >( )
Sounds REALLY cool.
Well, Dx, I am going now, so thanks for your time.