Here’s something I discovered by being really bored:
having some fun by putting ammo into walls using TNT. Here’s how.

1) Load up a level (I used Battle 2)
2) Get your tnt to max
3) Place TNT around ammo-specific crates
4) The TNT will then explode and put the ammo
into the wall.

I’ve also tested this with carrots, but I still haven’t tested this with other items.

Anyway, I hope you find this useful ;D


Stijn on December 12, 2004 17:33

I wonder what would be the use of this.

Jarno vos on January 22, 2005 16:36

Everybody Knows

blurredd on April 23, 2005 03:28

You could always just place ammo and other events in walls to begin with, but I still wouldn\‘t see the purpose of doing so.

Jerrythabest on August 15, 2005 18:40

why does no-one delete this? BTW, I found out myself too:P

Evil Hare (aka) General on August 18, 2006 21:30

Now who would do something like that which doesn\‘t help yourself achieve much?