I am a great fan of CrimiClown’s level making, so I decided to do this. This is an interview which I had with CrimiClown about his new project.

HH: So, how are things faring on spaz revolution?
CC: Well, I am kinda stuck on the first level already. :) People are expecting to see ‘Diarrotus’, a new area which exists of two of our well-known planets, Diamondus and Carrotus. But I really messed up the tileset, so I decided to let somebody else do my tileset work.

HH: Who?
CC: Well, I was going to ask Nick again, but he’s kinda busy, and I haven’t spoken to Adam since… So, it might take some time for finding someone new…

HH: And, I saw in your sig your music is ‘nearly done’?
CC: Quite right. Teej and I make the music… Well, mostly Teej. But he’s very skilled at it! I’m glad to have him in my team. Thumbs up for Teej

HH: Can you reveal something? Something new?
CC: Well, my bonuslevel is gonna be really fun, in my opinion. You use a timewarp to get to the late 1400’s. You end up in a village where ‘Devans Airborne Hideout’ will be in the future. The village is being terrorised by an ‘evil dragon’. In order to get to the ‘final level’, in the castle’s tower, you need a key, right? Well, you can get the key by defeating the ‘evil dragon’. Snorri the Sage will be more than delighted to give it to you.

HH: Well, sounds ok to me!
CC: Hehe, thanks.

HH: So… Well, there’s nothing to ask about Jazz anymore… We all know he’s gonna be in the final level, right? I saw the trailer. Everyone did.
CC: Well, not entirely true. There are two phases in Devan’s Airborne Hideout, the tower, and the rooftop. To get access to the rooftop, you need a key, which can be found in the bonus level. But, in the tower (Without the key or with the key, doesn’t matter) you get to fight Jazz. Well, at least you THINK you get to fight Jazz… With the key, you will get some extra information… hint hint

HH: Okay. Explains. And the cutscenes?
CC: Oh, they’ll be there. Every bit of info, action, everything you wanna know WILL be in the cutscenes.

HH: What about the eyecandy? Even though I am a great fan of your works, there are loads of people who think your eyecandy is dull.
CC: Well… I’ll just try my best. If eyecandy is the only thing they’ll judge on, I’d get a low score for sure. But, story, originality and gameplay are also factors to consider while reviewing a level(pack). Anyway, you’ll just have to wait.

HH: Anything you’d like to add?
CC: Well, for the ones who don’t know yet, every progress, previews and such are to be found on my thread on the JCF, General Jazz Talk. I think you’ll be able to find it. ;)

HH: Oh, one more thing. How about your other project which I heard of, The Lost Tribe?
CC: Well, since the eyecandy was really lame, I decided to remove the levels. I will improve them and rebuild them as soon as Spaz Revolutions is done. I am soooo full of idea’s at the moment, I don’t know if The Lost Tribe gets delayed again…

HH: Ok. Well, thanx for your time.
CC: Pleasure.


CrimiClown on October 02, 2005 18:25

I am in it? How cool! :D

Ok… Can I rate this interview, anyway? ;)

Violet CLM on October 03, 2005 08:11

While the interview is fairly good, it might have been wise to provide a little more background information. I would suggest one or more links to the \“Spaz Revolution\” thread, the trailer, etc.

cooba on October 04, 2005 19:14

And some better formatting too, I guess. Right now the interview looks like Holiday Hare was interviewing Christmas Chronicles.

CrimiClown on October 11, 2005 15:10

Lol, Cooba. :)