I wasn’t really sure if anyone knew about this, but i posted it anyway.

I was working on a level in my new single player pack when i got to the point where i needed a water level event, and another one to change it back. In the one to change it back i put “0” in the level.
I put down both of them, but when it came time to test, i had forgotten to turn on “instant” in the lower water event (the one to reverse the first one).
When i played the level i activated the water (the one to bring the water up), and then i de-activated it (using the lower water event).
And guess what happened???
The water started to rise like it did in Jazz1! Slowly, all the way to the top!

Just thought i’d post this for all you jazzers who didn’t know about this.

Just a reminder; anything in level, and “0” in instant. And only activate it after another water event has been touched.


Gargoyle on September 13, 2001 04:00

Isn’t anyone going to look at this?

EvilMike on September 19, 2001 04:00

Most of us have known about this for a long time ;P

Hawkin 87 on May 06, 2002 04:00

Well I guess that make me dumber than mud; I had no clue. ;-P

White Rabbit on June 19, 2002 04:00

I don’t know about this. shakes Gargoyle’s hand. Thanks. :-P