After having a lot of experience in JJ2 multiplayer I have devised 5 player classes:

Class A1,
Class A2,
Class B,
Class C,
Class U

Class U are players who have little skill – they cant even do a wall-jump on command. Their tactics doesn’t go further than using the weapon they by default have selected, and they do not utilise the level they are on – the only strategy they can muster is – attack the enemy, run away from the enemy.

Class C and B players are where 75% of all JJ2 players are located. They can perform items like wall jumps, golden jumps and depending on C or B – with a decent amount of skill – however they are not 100% with these skills, 40% of the time they will failt to enable what they wanted.

Tactics wise, they like to switch to their favourite weapon (commonly seekers) and perhaps for the B players switch to a weapon that is better in a situation (once a while), but they do not make full use of the weapons and also there only level techniques go as far as going for the carrot, a little bit of obvious camping and some hit and run tactics.

The A2 players (like I believe myself to be currently under), nearly all the time perform the types of jumps and shots they want to do, and they select the best weapon for the situation they are in 70% of the time – sometimes they will neglect to grab a key weapon – such as the bouncing bullet power up (in battle 1) – but this will be only for a short dumb period.

They have also some extra to the norm abilities such as – wall climbing, using butstomp to stay in the air for longer, letting go of run on a horizontal spring so they are effected by it for less time and so on, but they have not perfected these extra skills.

10% of the players in JJ2 are of A2 skill class. The following are examples of players there – Sperry, Chiyu, Crimiclown.

The A1 players are the top performers – they can complete tests in record times, they nearly can dop any extra abilty perfectly – and their tactics are toned up to the maximum.

A1 players constitute for lower than 5% of JJ2 players

Examples of such players are: Dizzy, Firesword, True mosou


cooba on November 14, 2005 15:15

\“After having a lot of experience in JJ2 multiplayer…\”

Didn\‘t you start playing online like three months ago?

Grytolle on November 21, 2005 14:41

No, I dont think he did.
True Musou, you mean?

Nice article, sort of. Omg, Chiyu < Gr33n Pl4nt? ;o

Jarno vos on December 03, 2005 14:55

ill think this will be helpful

cooba on December 04, 2005 10:22

I don\‘t. I just have no idea what would be the point of this article.

CrimiClown on October 06, 2008 15:28

So you called me an A2 player in the rustiest time of my comeback…? What?

FawFul on January 04, 2009 21:23

nice stating. i am probably A2. but in Teamgames (especially CTF). the more people there are in those, how closer i get to the A1.

Zoro on October 16, 2009 02:14

its very interesting and helpful!