DWWS, further known as “double webcam wank sesion” was invited by shaney a while ago. If you don’t know who is shaney, here’s a great example:

< shaney > Welcome To 10 #jj2 7 Sonky
< nakke- > but, please, take of that onjoin idiotic message
< shaney > Stfu Nackke I Aint A Hacker

Well, first time I heard the phrase “DWWS” myself, when I had title “sexbomb x3” in my msn name. Shaney saw this, and decided to be either funny/stupid, and msged “lol hi sexbomb u need to try DWWS LOL” after this, he came to #jj2, and talked about DWWS until evil #Jj2 ops got pissed off at him, and he got a nice ban.

Also, recently shaney has also been talking about TWWS’s, and QWWS’s which are probably something related to DWWS, although you have to ask shaney about that. Anyway, since I dont know much about double webcam wank sessions, I’ll shut up ;P


Grytolle on December 04, 2005 00:58

Interesting, Ill try it out soon.

Dark Tec on December 04, 2005 00:59

well this owns lol i dWWS often

Grytolle0 on December 04, 2005 01:00

yes Yes Yes

Ehem ehem ehem

CraccoBoy on December 04, 2005 01:06

Wow Snooze you know a lot! RESP[ECKT