Well, a few people may like to know more about my friend, ShadowRabbit. So, I’ve got an exclusive interview with the red and black bunny. Here it is!

Hi ShadowRabbit!
Just call me Shadow. I’m thinking of changing my name to Shadow.

Ok, Shadow. Is it true? You’re a girl?
Of course it is. It’s irritating to be called a boy when you’re a girl!

Aha. And also, it is true you’re Australian, right?
Yes indeedy! It is true. So I’m very separated form the rest of the JJ2’ers.

OK. Are you in any clans?
Yep, Rabbit Roasters.

Gonna be in the JJ2WC3 RR warteam then?
Maybe. I’ve asked to replace Emperor in the warteam since he left, but no reply. Problem is, I can’t get onto the RR forum to ask either.

Oh dear. So, with anyone?
Prophet. We like each other. giggle

That’s news! Nothing’s being said about that! But who is Prophet exactly?
He’s the son of Jazz… gets irritated How many times do I have to repeat that?!

Ooo, Prince Prophet! Gonna be Princess Shadow, are we?
Shut up.

No, answer me! Are we?
Shut Up.

Got any plans-
SHUT UP! bops on head

Hey! I’m your friend!
Never mention much about Prophet without my consent, k? I’ll announce stuff when necasary.

Ok… who’s your idol?
Grytolle, I can’t beat him! So damn skilled.

Interesting. Got any levels or tilesets you’re creating?
I just might do a battle duo with Kansas and Arkansas. More details are probly at my own site, http://spaces.msn.com/members/dragoniteslair
.It used to be Dragonite’s Lair, but now is home to Shadow’s Corner!

OK! Now, would you spare a photo with me?
Yeh sure!


Violet CLM on January 13, 2006 09:42

I can forsee the future of relationships!

…will admin this later. Maybe tomorrow. Could you at least add line breaks in the meantime?

NovaStar on January 13, 2006 10:07

No you can\‘t!

cooba on January 24, 2006 16:48


CrimiClown on March 07, 2006 18:03

I second Cooba. =P

Grytolle on May 22, 2006 12:16

excellent^___^ And I do not only say this because I am your idol. (yes I do :D)