Yes u can make you own bodd music to do follow this instructions.


Step 1.
Search the music file you want and follow step 2 to go further.

Step 2.
Rename your music file to this : Boss1.j2b or Boss2.j2b

Step 3.
Open JCS open a level with an boss when you place the event ‘‘Active Boss’‘ you can choose an music file u can switch between 1 and 2 if you created the file Boss1 type 1 if you created Boss2 type the 2.

Step 4.
Run the level u selected run / walk trough the event Active Boss and you will hear the music you selected.

Your finished now.
but if you ever want your old ones back rename the backup again to boss1 or boss2.j2b and you get it back.

If you didnt created a backup reeinstall Jazz2.

End of article.


cooba on February 05, 2006 17:06

You still need to use Mod2J2B on the song before renaming it from ___.s3m (for example) to boss.j2b.

Violet CLM on February 08, 2006 05:28

A search for \“boss2.j2b\” in the J2O downloads section might have suggested such a thing, yes.

Jarno vos on March 04, 2006 13:49

Cooba, you dont.
Well i dont have to.

Joseph Collins on March 11, 2006 06:28

This article’s content is way obvious to anyone with half a brain. No offense… But seriously. This “trick” has been around as long as MS-DOS has. It works on quite a few games. Jill of the Jungle, for one.

Violet CLM on March 12, 2006 20:19

Actually, in all fairness, JJ2 does a lot of checking to make sure its files are the filesize it thinks they should be. Without experimentation, people might think that boss1/2.j2b also has a specific required filesize.