Someone interviewed me, and asked that posted I here. I don’t even know who they are, they popped up on AIM one day.

So, let’s start off with your ASL.

I’m 15, female, and I live in Florence, Italy. Used to live in the states.

Why did you leave the Jazz 2 community?

I was bored, really. Sometimes I fool with my old project in JCS. The levels are much better and I added some music with vocals, some of it I recorded myself. Also, I didn’t like alot of the people there. There was too much of an elitist vibe going on. If you weren’t good at making levels than somehow it seemed you were less than them. Also, I never really got good at playing online, so I got pretty frustrated.

Whatever happened to that project? Will it ever be finished?

Yeah…no. Maybe…But don’t get your hopes up. I want any finished product to be something that I enjoy myself. I was really unhappy making levels because I was making them to please other people. And alot of “good” levels are boring, anyway. I want mine to be something unique and something from my soul. I want it to be another form of art. I have a DeviantArt account. I used to do anthro..or “furries”, but now I do realism. It’s really an interesting breakthrough, it’s helped me evolve as an artist and a person.

It’s interesting you want to make your levels an art now. Do you write?

Yes. I write some fanfics here and there. In fact, my projet, Operation Kickshell, might even be a fanfic one day. I also do poetry in my spare time. It really helps channel those emotions.

Are you ever labeled as “emo”, or goth?

Yes, definately. I don’t consider myself emo at all, because while my poetry whines alot, I don’t always play the victim. Also, I try to move on with my life. I’ve always been a dweller, I’ll admit, but some days I wake up an realize it’s time to pick myself up and go.

Back on the subject of Jazz 2, Did you ever collaborate with anybody?

Executor, my brother, helped me with Kickshell. He made a pretty rocking level, in Episode 2. We actually finished Episode 2, but one level was not up to scratch and we haven’t finished editting yet. And his level was surprisingly good. He, like most geniuses, either gets it straight in or way, WAY off. I have thought of collabing with some old friends, like RedNinja, (I haven’t spoken to him in years) or maybe CraccoBoy.

Have you ever spoken to any of the makers of Jazz 2?

I used to post on Dean Dodrill’s message board. I didn’t really enjoy speaking with him, let’s just leave it at that. I won’t slander his fine reputation. But other than that, no.

LOL, I see. If Jazz 3 were made, would you buy it?

Probably. I still play Jazz 2 sometimes.

You said earlier you compose music. Does that really go anywhere else?

Yes, I’m in a band. Sort of, anyway. I right music for Renegade, a Doom II mod my brother and I have been working on. I wrote the story and design the levels while while he does all the technical stuff. I do plan on making some songs for it. Also I have a demo CD in the works, and some Jazz 2 mods. Only thing is, I can’t get them to work in game, because I converted them from WAV files. Too (swear word removed) big.

Not to pry in your personal life, but do you have a boyfriend?

Ha sucks, because Valentine’s Day is coming up. Plus…I’m not really straight.

What religon are you?

Wiccan. I’m proud to admit it. And WICCA IS NOT A SATANIST religon. I’m not one of those poser Wiccans either. I researched it for three years and my heart is all in it. I used to be Christian, but there are certain things that I didn’t agree with.

Were you ever a respected member of the Jazz 2 community?

Not really. Maybe well-known, but not respected. Nobody really liked me, I used to be a brat anyway.

Last Question. Do you have any words of encouragement to level makers?

Yeah. Be yourself, make levels you enjoy, and have fun. Be creative. ;)

Thank you for your time, will you post this on J2O? I don’t have an account there.

Sure, Gratzie. ;) Abbia un giorno piacevole. Byes!


CrimiClown on May 14, 2006 16:53

Psychic powers > Wicca… ¬_¬