As many of us know, there have been many beta versions of JJ2. I downloaded version 1.00g and decided to write diffirences about it. Screenshots are coming up.

-No shadows behind the text.
-Diffirent background.
-Pictures are smaller.
-No CTF.
-Diffirent Multiplayer Setup screen.
-No Internet play option.
-Single Player/Party Mode screen has no pictures.
-Diffirent loading screen.
-No ending movie.
-No intro movie.
-Only Epic intro movie.

-4 Battle levels.
-All filenames are written in uppercase letters.
-Language files are included, but Select Language menu is missing.
-Levels use LEV extension and cannot be edited with JCS.
-No JCS.
-No HTML folder.
-No tilesets are included, but all levels are playable.
-Shareware levels are included, Shareware demo episode missing (see shareware demo episode)

-Carrotus level 1 (Tossed Salad) uses the night tileset.
-Carrotus level 2 (Carrot Juice) uses the day tileset.
-Bridges in Carrotus are placed diffirently.
-Robot Boss does not always attack.

-Diffirent water effect.
-Uterus boss does not open and does not always drop crabs.
-Sadly, no Tweedle boss, but Anims.j2a file contains animations of it.

-Bridges placed diffirently.
-Right pinball fliper bounces you down, just like v-springs.
-Bolly boss just floats around and does not attack.
-Gargoyle’s Lair not accessible.

-Diffirent background in jungle levels.
-You can escape from Devil Devan, but he will follow you.
-Devan does not shot you wit his gun.

-Darn Ratz level has name No Name Yet.
-Two blue gems in Darn Ratz are replaced by 9 ice cubes.
-Retro Rabbit has name Funky Grooveathon (like Psych level 2).
-Retro Rabbit has diffirent placed bridges.
-Retro Rabbit has no bonus Warp Target.
-Sadly, Retro Rabbit hasn’t got Tweedle boss.
-No Bubba at the end of Frog Stomp.
-Frog Stomp has name Fourteen Carrot (like Diamondus level 2).
-Diffirent Witch dying animation.
-Two secrets in Frog Stomp are missing.
-No 9 red gems at the end of Frog Stomp.
-Frog Stomp is designed diffirently at the end.

Well, I guess that’s all.

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JordanJett on April 10, 2006 01:56

great information

Jimbob on July 09, 2006 14:16

Also, i have 1.00h, and there\‘s an ending movie with echo effects when Eva says:\“Oh, Thank you, Thank you.\”

Mmadguy on May 12, 2008 16:59

-Sadly, no Tweedle boss, but Anims.j2a file contains animations of it.

How did u open j2a files?