This article may not be chronocally correct. It’s such a long time ago..

Does anyone remember udc?(the unofficial daily carrot)

Well, it stinked.(after I revived it at least, the original by alienator rocked.)

Because I wasn’t satisfied with it, I started making plans for a bigger, better udc. Inspired by, an interactive skinning site, I started learning perl. But quite frankly, I stinked at it. I tried to code a news comments system for the revived udc(I had bigger plans, but perl was so..hard.), but I could not get it to work. After around a month of messing with simple scripts, and buying two perl books, I dumped perl.

Around that time, jazz2city died I believe.. I again revived udc. Still without scripts. Still stinky.

UDC then kinda died out..I still had ideas for it, but I could not implement them.
wow..this article sounds so braggy somehow, and I doubt this is interesting. :))

A lot of time later, I was playing in the jj2 anniversary after-bash, and JJF joined the server. For some reason, I was just talking about my vanished plans with Udc. He joined the conversation and told me how he also had ideas like that.(He even already had interviewed most of the JJ2 staff.) He promised to e-mail me. And he had the design ready in no time. We still use that design. It’s very cool imho. :P

A conversation with a time-span of 24 hours between messages(because of our timezones) followed. We had agreed on how to do it. We were going to code a site called Jazz2Online(that was the name of jjf’s new jj2 site.)in ASP.

ASP is an abbreviation of Active Server Pages. I got into it via Visual Basic(evil!). It was easy, there were lots of good sites for it, but no hosting. I searched for good free hosts everywhere.. We decided to ask onag. But his communitech server didn’t have asp. So we had to look somewhere else. I was browsing Webmonkey, and accidently came across php(which is very alike perl).

Php stands for php hypertext preprocessor(It’s a recursive acronym.)

It’s an opensource language that runs on Apache, a opensource unix/linux/windows server. It is good in working together with mysql, a database server. I did some quick searching, and came across some tutorial pages. At the same time, cheeze was hacking into newspro(a perl-based news system) to try to create a automatic uploader for levels on jazz 2 warehouse. He was also very annoyed with perl. I asked him if he perhaps was interested in learning php with me and helping with j2o.

Well, cheeze turned out to be a very good addition to j2o. :)

We started learning php with the use of the official manual at It was short, but very well written for us newbies. We also got some php/mysql tutorials from various sites. As we were coding scripts(I was working on the news/comments system, and cheeze on the whole user database stuffness and later the private messages system), we showed bobby a lot of it. Bobby had joined jdc a while back, and got the idea to recode jdc with php. He also wanted to help a bit with j2o. Well, he did more then that. He provided us with support, and he also programmed the poll.(more about that later).

The whole coding process took around 3 months I think..or even longer.

And then..UJ died. I was talking in AIM to alienator, about UJ and J2o, and he was kinda angered by the load on his shoulders, that UJ was. He had to review all levels and do most of the updating himself, and that was a lot of work. He decided to drop UJ, he immediatly deleted the whole thing. The community was now without a good website.

We went on highspeed with j2o. There was still quite alot to be done. And I had to go on vacation in one week. We worked our brain’s off to get the thing done, and we got it done. The poll was the hardest thing. Bobby and I couldn’t get the thing to work. So bobby recoded the whole thing in mysql in one day. That night j2o went online.

The rest is readable in the news. :)

This article is not very good, since it’s only from my perspective. I hope the other admins will add their part of the history from their view as a comment to this article


NewsJazz on January 18, 2001 05:00

I mean this article is good it is very interested to read about the history of J2o because I’m a big Fan of this Site!!
(sorry for my english)

joey on December 15, 2001 05:00

Nice history!

Super Saiyan on February 15, 2002 05:00

I didnt know J2O was made so Interesting ;)

Nitro on April 21, 2002 04:00

UJ ruled! I remember it well, too bad it was deleted and not ignored.. :(

the real one Bjarni on September 21, 2003 04:00

Sorry about spamming! :’( It wasn’t good idea! Please don’t ban me, please! Only for me! :’(

American on September 21, 2003 04:00

Spam posts by the following users, all of whom are the same user, have been removed:

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In addition, one post by Violet CLM that was relevant only to the spammings was removed; Violet CLM did nothing wrong.

Karmus on September 23, 2003 04:00

There IS a backup of Jazz2City! at but not the user levels. It’s only the pages and some few other stuff. (Got it from Steven Wakeman.)

Jarno vos on December 11, 2005 16:19

wow i dont like history but…this is great!
J2O is made on an crasy way!

Dr. Eggman on February 14, 2006 13:47

Omg… It was really crazy way to code this wonderful site. Congratz for all of J2O makers!

andbr98 on August 10, 2010 20:57

So much work!! OMG, and I can\‘t even make my own site where I am the only one who writes