1.Press the Start Button.
2.Select Run.
3.Type in “regedit” (without the Quotes)
5.Go into “SOFTWARE
6.Go into “Epic MegaGames”
7.Go into “Jazz Jackrabbit”
8.Go into “1.23”
9.Select “List Servers”
10.You Will see Three things in the Box on the Right:
“(Default)”, “000” and “001”.
If I am correct, “000” is to join and “001” is to Host.
11. Select “000”, and Change it to (anything will do, as long as it’s not the List Server that’s down)
I used “”
12.Do the Same to “001”.
And you’re Done!
NOTE: the ONLY Servers on the List are the ones connected to (the list server you selected.)
…As for now, the list servers are back up,
so it’s useless.


Nimrod on July 13, 2006 05:23

Useless, Teaches things already known and with registry patches already in existence to do it for you.

Secondly, links to an un-linked jj2 list server, which will cause players not to be able to play with the bulk of the community.

DaPete10 on July 20, 2006 05:39

If the European servers are down, use Mono\‘s. Barely anyone uses it, so it encounters the least amount of traffic.