(I put this in miscellaneous becuase the singleplayer option is buggy)Only read this if you don’t mind cheating. Do not read this if you can take on enemies on SP easily or to even try and do it on multiplayer.

This article shows how the effects of fastfire can change your weapons.

First, type jjfire to make jazz/spazz/lori shoot faster. Keep typing this untill when you shoot, jazz/spazz/lori will look like when they stop firing exept continuesly. Then type jjguns. Do this also to recharge your attacks. To undo the combos, get a fastfire pickup or loose a life. These are some of the ‘combos’you can try. |!| means powerup required.

Gun 1:

Death Rocket: When you shoot, shoot like you would without fastfire and without holding fire. A line of blasters will result that looks like a rocket. This should instantly kill most enemies.

Railgun Combo: Hold fire and it will just kill most enemies no matter what.

Gun 2: Some combos require the weapon to be powered up.

Bouncy Combo: Hold fire and move about. The bouncers will bouncy around making it hard for enemies to miss.

Bouncer Bomb |!|: Press fire to launch the bouncers. If done correctly, you should end up with the bouncers splitting up.

Gun 3:

Freeze Combo |!|: Face left and hold fire. This should easily freeze enemies depending were you are. Warning, ammo will go down quickly so don’t shoot for too long.

Gun 6:

Fire Breath: Hold fire and what will result is a shield of fire, making you almost invincible.

Wall of fire: Jump about and hold fire. This isn’t much of a combo but can be improved with fastfire.

Double Trouble: While firing, rapidly press up to creat a double attack. Same as above, not much of a combo.

Gun 8:

Hailstones: Keep firing to create a firework field making you almost untouchable. Jump about for more effect.

Curse of the Fire: Stand in a corner and do the same as double trouble. You will be completely untouchable.

Gun 9:

Railgun Improved: Do the same as the origanal

Railbeam: Do the same as rocket.

Railball: Do the same as rocket but press quick.

Nightmare: Jump about and hold fire. This will clear all enemies in range. Don’t stand too close to them. You could get a fastfire pickup.

If there are any new combos to submit, post it with your comment.

Sorry about the writing. It didn’t come out right.


blurredd on August 20, 2006 21:35

This article seems most suited for the JCF at best. It doesn\‘t mention anything of particular use. Some newer players might find this interesting (hence the JCF referral), but I could imagine many people already have seen what enough fast fires and ammo can do. I\‘ll give you points for being imaginative, but that\‘s about it.

Aside from that, the article has a very poor layout and no formatting whatsoever. The least you could\‘ve done was make a paragraph for each weapon. Sorry to say this, but this isn\‘t worth keeping in the articles section, even with the appropriate changes.